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How do you change the oil in a 1997 Chevy Blazer?

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2007-04-10 18:43:30

Warm your vehicle up a few minutes as warm oil flows out better

than cold. Get on your garage clothing, grab a pair of rubber

gloves to keep the mess off your hands. Place a bucket or something

large enough to hold about 5 quarts of old oil under your drain

plug which you should be able to see from under the vehicle. Loosen

the drain plug with a wrench then by hand as it is almost ready to

come off. Watch out, the oil will flow toward the back of the

vehicle. Let it drain until it stops dripping, 15 minutes or so.

Then loosen the plastic cover plate and remove the oil filter,

again place a bucket to catch the oil and let the filter drop in

that. Remove the oil fill cap to let the oil out. Replace the oil

drain plug and tighten. Then the same with the new oil filter. Put

in about 5 quarts of oil, look under vehicle to check for leaks.

Start the engine and let it run a few minutes, then check again for

leaks. If all is well enjoy the ride and you can rest knowing you

did it right. I just changed mine for the first time after going to

dealerships and quick oil change places, and I wonder if they

really changed the filter. My filter was so beat up rusty scratched

up it appeared to be on their for 10,000 miles but was only changed

2,000 miles ago.....scary stuff but if you do it, you know its done


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