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Take it to Valvoline! Just kidding. Crawl under the car. If you can not fit lift the front of the car with a jack. Make sure to put blocks behind the rear tires to ensure safty. Remove the plug {bolt} on the bottom of the oil pan. Oil will come out very fast, PLEASE make sure vehicle is NOT hot. If the car is raised lower the vehicle down to get all the oil out of the car. After all the oil has draned out, raise the car and replace the plud {bolt}. Still under the car Look for a CAN shaped objest thie is the oil filter, Remove the oil filter in the same manner you would loosen a bolt. Most oil filters are smooth around the edge wich means you can not use a wrench or pair of pliers. If you can not twist it off with your hand try using a rag for more grip. If that doesn't work go to your local auto parts store and get a oil filter wrench the sails associate wiil show you how to use it. Once the oil filter if off {the oil filter WILL have oil in it} make sure the rubber gasket is not attached to the motor. Look on the filter and their should be a gasket of some kind on it. When puting the new oil filter on it will come with new gasket use some oil that you drained out earlier to moisen the gasked it will act as sealent after the car has gotten hot.Screw the new oil filter back on to the car. Make sure it is tight. The car your asking about usually takes about 4 quarts of oil. Put 3 and a half quarts in and start the car , check the oil and make the proper adjustments. After you have the correct amount of oil in the car, look under the car and look for leaks around the plug and oil filter. No leaks.... good to go. If you have a leak tighten the appropraite item.

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Q: How do you change the oil on a 1992 Dodge Neon?
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take it to a mechanic

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You will need to use the Haynes repair manual, Dodge Neon 2000 thru 2003. Book #30036 I used it to change an oil pump and it helped alot!

What is the oil capacityof of a 2003 dodge neon sxt 2.0?

The oil capacity of a 2003 Dodge Neon SXT 2.0 is 4 Quarts of 10w-30 oil.

How do you reset an oil sensor shut down on a dodge neon?

A Neon does not have a shutdown related to the oil sensor.

Where is oil filter located on Plymouth neon?

The oil filter on a Dodge Neon is under the engine close to the oil pan.

Where is oil plug 95 dodge neon?

ON back of oil Pan.

How often 1999 dodge neon oil change needed?

3000 miles3000 miles

What type of oil does dodge neon use 2004?

A 2004 Dodge Neon uses 5W30. It can be synthetic,, conventional, or a blend.

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4.5 quarts

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A 2001 Dodge Neon uses 5W 30 oil. This oil can be purchased at any auto parts store or retail store such as Target.

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You can't. Dodge doesn't have torque converter drain plugs. You have to have the trans flushed to completely change the oil in it.

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i have a 97 neon i took it to a shop they replaced the valve cover gasket but its still leaking oil in the plugs what has to be done

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Answering "How do you change oil pump on 1999 plymouthy neon?"

Where is the Oil Filter on a 2003 Dodge Neon?

Where is the Oil Filter on a 2003 Dodge Neon?" The Oil Filter is close to the oilpan on the right side of the car, best way to see it is raise the front of the car.

What does the oil light look like in 2003 dodge neon?

It is important to know what the warning lights look like on a car. The oil light on a 2003 dodge neon looks like a small oil can.

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On my 1998 dodge Neon Sport the oil filter is near the oil drain plug beside the oil pan.On my 1996 Neon Under the car toward the front of the engine on the passenger side. Easiest car I have in our family to do

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The sensor behind the oil filter for a 1998 Neon is a crankshaft position sensor. Unplug the wiring and remove the hold down bolt to replace it.

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