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How do you change the pickup coil in a 94 Blazer V6 vortex?


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2011-09-13 00:24:54

disconnect neg(-) terminal of battery.remove spark plug wires at distribator cap.then remove cap hold down locate disttribator hold down boltand set aside pull up on dist and notice the direction of rotor turns mark location of before and after.(this is for setting back in place later)place a soft jaw vice and remove roll pin from gear&remove gear and pull shaft out of housing.pick up coil is ready Tobe removed first unplug wires from module. locate clip hold down and replace pick up.reverce toinstall and check ingition timing.


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u have to pull the whole distributer to change the pickup coil

Remove Distributor,remove drive gear,remove shaft,remove pickup coil.

how to changr pick up coil 88 vandura

The 2000 Blazer with the 4.3 engine has one coil.

hi i have a 2003 blazer and last year the same problem happen to me,just change the coil...i dont know if its your solution but it work for me

you must remove the distributor, disassemble unit and replace pick up coil

a bad coil or plug to be safe change both

Distributor pickup coil resistance 140-180 ohms.

hey are located inside the distributor and function as the trigger for the ignition system to produce spark. The pickup coil monitors the rotation

Disconnect all electrical connections along with nuts and bolts necessary to remove bracket containing ignition coil from engine. Separate coil from coil bracket by removing appropriate screws. Replace coil in reverse order.

If it has a distributor it has to come out and be completely disassembled //its under the rotor!!!

You can find ignition coil for a 2001 Blazer on

The coil charges with electricity, and as the reluctor hits the high point, it releases all the energy at once.

You could have a bad ignitor. It is located on the drivers side fender well. There is also still a good possibility that your ignition coil is bad, despite the fact that the coil resistance is checking out within specs. I would change the coil first; it's cheaper than the ignitor or the distibutor. If still no start and you have verified that the coil is getting voltage then it is the pickup coil in the distributor. Unfortunately, the pickup coil is not replaceable on its own. You will have to change the whole distributor to get a new pickup coil. Good luck.

A type of pickup. Made by Gibson, they are a single-coil pickup.

The B2600i does not have a pickup coil, it uses a hall effect sensor located inside the distributor to trigger spark. K6

No input voltage to the coil or the coil is bad. Check the distributor for issues and the wires.

There is a problem in the distributor. Either the pickup coil or the ignition module are defective. It may be cheaper to purchase a remanufactured distributor.

If you go to, they have free online auto repair manuals. You can find the replacement procedure there. That's where I found it.

The humbucker is a dual coil pickup that drastically reduces noise versus single coil pickups. A humbucker is also less bright than a single coil pickup. The selector switch is 5 way Position 1: Humbucker Position 2: Split coil humbucker (like a single coil) Position 3: Middle Position 4: Middle and Neck (like a humbucker) Position 5: Neck

A single coil pickup can possibly work with a break in the copper, but usually there will be a problem with the sound in some way i.e. weak or cutting in and out. You can either repair an obvious accessible break with solder, but if the break's location is unknown, you will need to rewind the whole coil. There are several companies that you can mail your pickup to who will rewind or alter a pickup for you.

you have to take the dash out then it is up against the fire wall .you could get a haynes book it tell you step by step how to do it

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