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get yourself a haynes manual it has pitures and step by step, but these cars arfe very easy some the caliper does not have to be removed

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Q: How do you change the rear disc brakes on a 97 Kia Sephia?
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How do you change rear disc brakes on 2002 mustang v6?

how to change front and rear brakes on a 2003 ford mustang V-6

How do you change the rear brakes on a 1990 Acura Legend?

same as the front brakes they r both disc brakes

Can you change a 1997 Mitsubishi eclipse rear drum brakes for disc brakes?

yes you can get a kit to convert brakes

Does your 1995 explorer sport have disc or drum rear brakes?

disc brakes , front and rear

Does the 2003 Camry have disc brakes on the rear of the vehicle?

No, the 2003 Camry does not have disc brakes on the rear of the vehicle.

Do all iroc Camaros have rear disc brakes?

Not all Iroc Z's have rear disc brakes. It was an option for all Camaros not just the Irocs for the rear disc brakes. Most likely if your car has the code G80(RPO codes are listed in the glove box in the center console) then it will have Rear disc brakes. However ALL 5.7L IROCs do have rear disc brakes.

How can you chnge a 1997 Z24 rear brakes to a disc brake system?

ro my knowledge you cannot change them to disc, and for the records you wouldn't want to change them there drum brakes for a reason

Does a Ford Explorer have disc or drum brakes?

On a Ford Explorer : There are disc brakes on the front and ( starting with the 1995 model year ) there are disc brakes on the rear also ( instead of drum brakes on the rear )

How do you change the rear disc brakes on a 1996 Chevy Camaro V6?

be sure to purcahse the tool to "screw" the caliper piston in. If you try to push the piston in on rear disc brakes you will damange the caliper.

Does a 1991 Mazda Protege DX have brake pads or disc brakes?

it either has front disc brakes and rear drum or it has front and rear disc bakes. look for a flat disc in the front and back - those are front and rear disc brakes-they take pads. The drum brakes take shoes.

Does your 99 Ford Explorer have disc or drum brakes?

disc brakes , front and rear

Can you change rear drum brakes on a subaru 1.6 4 wheel drive for disc brakes?

Not worth the effort and expense

Did a 1970 Chevelle have rear disk brakes?

LS6 Chevelles had rear disc-brakes

What type of rear brakes are on the 1999 Ford Explorer?

disc brakes - front and rear

Do front wheel drive cars have rear brakes?

Yes - some have drum rear brakes and others have disc rear brakes

How do you change the brakes on a Taurus - Sable?

Rear brakes come in 2 flavors: disc and drumSee "Related Questions" below for specifics on each typeDisc brakes in the front.Some Sables came with drum type rear brakes, while others had the upgraded disc brakes in the back.See "Related Questions" below for more

Do all 1998 Chevy blazers have rear disc brakes?

If yours has the rear disc then they all have them.

Does a 2002 Tahoe have rear brakes?

Yes, it should be disc brakes.

What kind of rear brakes on 2002 ford explorer?

disc brakes

What kind of brakes does a 2002 Mountaineer use at the rear?

disc brakes

How do you tell the difference between Rear Drum Brake and Rear Disc Brake?

If you can see the brake caliper and rotor, then it has disc brakes. If all you see is a large drum then it has shoes. If you can see the front brakes thru the wheels, you can identify disc brakes. If the rear look like the front, then they are also disc brakes. However if the rear look much different, then chances are they are drum.

Do you have disc brakes or drum brakes on your 1998 Pontiac grand prix gtp supercharge?

front and rear are disc

How do you tighten brakes on a 2002 Honda 400?

You have disc brakes front and rear. Disc brakes are self adjusting. If the brakes are poor, you have a problem and it needs attention.

Can you replace a rear axle from a disc brake 1992 Isuzu Rodeo to a 1992 Isuzu Rodeo with drum brakes just the axle?

I don't think that will work unless you change over to rear disc brakes, the hub should not match.

Does 1999 cirrus have disc brakes?

Front are disc, rear could be either disc or drum.