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Remove the alternator and the bracket that holds the alternator to the engine. You can then 'reach' in there to get to the back plugs. It's difficult to do but I found this to be the only way I could do it on my old '90 Grand Prix.

Make sure the engine is cold before you change the plugs - DON'T STRIP THE THREADS IN THE HEAD by getting in a hurry. Park it overnight with the hood up in the garage or let it sit outside with the hood unlatched to cool.

Good Luck!

I have a 96 grand am 3.1 liter, and I don't need to remove the alternator to change the rear 3 plugs. What I do is remove the small air duct running from the alternator to where the hood meets the windshield. It should come off pretty easily. It has rubber ends which slide onto the alternator, and the vent by the windshield that it hooks up to. After that, disconnect all of the electrical plugs that meet up aroud the same spot that the air duct was and move them out of the way. In my experience, this has provided me with enough room to get a ratchet in there and remove the plugs. Try to use a socket specifically made for spark plugs, or you will spend a lot of time trying to get the plug in the hole. The spark splug socket has a rubber grip on it to hold on to the plug while you position it. If you don't do this, you will likely end up dropping the plug into the little area surrounding the plug hole, and it takes forever to get it out to try again. Also, when removing the old plugs, try to remember the angle that they went in on because you can't really see back there. It makes it a lot easier when inserting the new plugs if you get in there at the correct angle.

I agree with answer #2. I removed the same rubber attachment from the alternator and repositioned some wires. You really can't see anything down there so it is all done by feel. I got by with the spark plug socket, a knuckle/pivot socket and a few different extensions. The hardest part is finding the hole with the new plug, you can't even feel it with your finger it's so far back. Like he said, remember the angle and just feel around with the new plug.

I took the dogbones off and pulled the motor forward to make more rrom to reach the plugs. Takes time but works. bratt

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Q: How do you change the rear three sparkplugs on a 98 grand am 31 l?
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