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The Haynes repair manual for this model and year states that "Special tools and practices are required to remove the rotors."

This however, is not usually the case. Most models are equipped with "normal" rotors which can be identified by the presence of two large Phillips screws on the "hub" of the rotor.

You will need to remove the brake caliper and bracket first.

If you have the model with two large Phillips screws holding the rotor on, remove the screws. You may need to use an impact driver with a Phillips head bit to break loose the corrosion and rust. Once these are removed, your rotor should come off. If not, give it a few taps with a rubber mallet. The rotor itself sets on the hub.

If the rotor is "frozen" to the hub from rust and corrosion, spray PB Blaster on the back of the rotor where the hub meets the rotor, between the lug bolts, inside the two holes where the Phillips screws were and anywhere else you can get to so that the lubricant gets between the hub and rotor. Let it work for a few minutes, 15-20 minutes for worse corrosoion.

If you intend to re-use the rotors, put a block of wood on the rotor and hit the block of wood with a heavy hammer.

It may take several very hard whacks with a good sized hammer to breat the rotors free. As long as you have the model with the two Phillips screws, keep banging and rotor will come off.

Alternately, screw an appropriately sized high-strength bolt in the threaded hole on the hub of the rotor and keep driving it until the rotor breaks free. DO NOT USE THE PHILLIPS SCREWS that hold down the rotor as they are not strong enough and you WILL end up shearing them.

The large nut in the center is for the transaxle shaft. This does not have to be removed to get the rotors off. If you did take it off, make sure that you torque down the transaxle shaft bolt to the spec required in the repair manual and put a new retaining bolt on (refer to the repair manual.)

Hopefully this will help you.

** If anyone has information on the "special practices and procedures" required to remove the other kind of rotors from the hub, PLEASE post it.

as i have already done this twice i can say i have it down to an art

You will need...

a hydraulic or pneumatic press

32 mil socket and rattle gun

all the other tools needed to remove brake caliper

remove the hub by removing all ball joints and remove bottom remove the split pin that holds the nut then give it aal the rattleguns got to remove thisYOU WILL NEED TO HAMMER OUT THE CV!LIFT THE HUB OFF AND SET IT ROTOR SIDE UP IN THE PRESS(it will be tricky setting this up depending on press)press out the wheel bearing and then the rotor from the hub you will see 4-5 bolts remove these and rotor will separate fit new rotor replace or re-use bearing and re fit

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Q: How do you change the rotors on a 1988 Mazda 626LX?
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