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How do you change the spark plugs on a 2002 tacoma V6?

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2007-02-05 02:58:51

Starting on the pasenger side. Remove the intake tube running

from the air filter box to the throttle body and disconnect enough

tubes to swing it out of the way. The sparkplugs are down below the

small coils you see at the end of the sparkplug wires. with a 10mm

socket remove bolt holding the coil, disconnect the plug at the top

of the coil by squeezing it at the top and pulling straight off the

coils. pull the coil straight up. there will be about a 6 inch tube

that connects to the top of the spark plug when inserted. You will

need a 5/8 sparkplug socket and about 2 feet of extensions to make

it easy on yourself. insert the spark plug socket and extensions

down the hole you removed the coils with the tube from and remove

and replace the sparkplug. reinstall your coil onto the engine and

move to the next one until you have replaced all the plugs on the

passenger side. make sure you reconnect all the plugs to the coils,

hoses to the intake tube and reinstall your intake tube. the

drivers side is a little easier. pop the spark plug wires from

their plastic holders to free enough slack to be able to pull your

sparkplug wires out of the block. for the plug closest to the front

of the engine you will need to remove the 10mm bolt holding the

ground wires to the intake manifold to be able to free enough space

for removing the plug. for the middle plug you will need to remove

the 10mm bolt holding the bracket that is holding one of the

throttle cables at the top of the intake manifold. for the rear

plug just pop the flexible hose that runs behind the black metal

bracket straight up out of its clip and push it out of the way

along with any other hoses that run through this area. pull the

spark plug wire from its place by pulling straight up just like

with the coils. there will also be about a 6 inch tube running down

to the spark plug at the bottom of these plugs. remove and replace

the plugs same as before. make sure you reconnect all your hoses

and wires to their previous locations. doublecheck to make sure you

reconnect all the ground wires/ brackets. also you will need to use

" twin ground electrode plugs" (see sticker on front of your

plastic timing belt cover? to the right of the radiator hose). I

used Bosch platinum/irriduim four electrode plugs and they worked


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