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changing the spark plugs is pretty straight forward...I'll assume you're referring to the rear is a tight more useful answer is to undo the 2 dogbones holding the engine to the frame just above the radiator.......careful, the car will roll back! prepared with a crowbar or other lever hooked under the wishbone over the transmission........careful, don't bend or hit any of the cables in that area....very expensive! lever the car forward and remove the dogbone bolts on the engine .....keep levering the car forward until you can put the removed bolt through the eyelet in the center of the dogbone......this will hold the engine away from the firewall and give you room to change the spark always use spark plug wire pliers to remove the wires.

I take the alternator off. Then you can get to them

I believe that taking the alternator off is probably easier.I didn't do it that way though, for which I paid dearly. I did it by removing the dogbone bolts because some jerkoff here said to. The only thing he forgot to mention is how much pressure it takes to hold the engine forward, leave the dogbones attached, take off the alternator---you're better off. TRUST ME! It does give you alot more room to remove the dogbone bolts alllowing motor to shift ahead ,just use the second whole on the bracket that is on motor ,bolt up the dogbone to that whole which will hold the motor ahead.

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Q: How do you change the sparkplugs on a 1990 Chevy Lumina?
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