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on a Golf, depending on the model, its not a hard job at all.. just make sure you do it right and make sure everything is torqued to the right car, a 94 golf GL 2.0L gas automatic, was a bit of a chore because you have to remove a motor mount to do it. the first thing you can do to save yourself alot of hassle and cursing is remove the battery and battery tray. if you find this hard to do then stop now and take your car to a garage.after you've removed the tray, use a jack and locate the lift arm just between the oil pan and the tranny (theres an obvious flat spot) just lift the engine enough to release tension on the motor mount (maybe 4-5 inches high: to account for suspension travel too).step 1: disconnect all wiring from the starter motorstep 2: remove the bolt through the top of the motor mount at the front of the engine. the engine wont move.. at least it shouldn't yet.step 3: remove the bolt through the Power Steering line mount clipstep 4: remove the rest of the bolts holding the starter motor in placestep 5: extract the starter motor by pulling it straight out of the transmission.step 6: replace starter in the exact opposite way you removed sure to torque the motor mount bolt to factory spec (check your manual)step 7: lower the lift jack under the carand that should be all.. its really not a difficult job, on a difficulty scale, maybe a 4/10.hope this helped... - Jeff

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Q: How do you change the starter motor on a VW Golf?
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