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How do you change the transmission filter on a 1987 Oldsmobile cutlass brougham can it be done at home?

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2006-07-18 22:06:46

Sure it can be done at home, but if you shop around you can

often find a transmission shop that will be quite inexpensive.

You'll need to drop the transmission pan, and be careful to not

spill oil all over the driveway or garage floor. Examine the

contents of the pan and look for large quantities of sediment. If

you see much more than a tablespoon of metal and clutch fiber

material, the transmission is just about done. If the pan was

reasonably clean, carefully clean the inside of the pan, both the

pan gasket surfaces and the transmission gasket surface so that the

new gasket will seal well. Remove the filter and install the new

one; they're different for each kind of transmission, so whatever

it takes. Then align the new pan gasket and put it all back

together. It isn't high tech, but you need to be careful so that it

doesn't leak when you're done. Just a little attention to detail

can go a long way.

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