How do you change the transmission filter on an automatic 2000 ford f150?

My esteemed college below is half right. You do need to remove the Pan to get to the filter. It is only when you neglect to do this that "your transmission is about shot". Regular Service Keeps Your Transmission on the Road�

Servicing your car�s automatic transmission regularly can dramatically extend its life. That�s because the oil � or ATF � does more than just lubricate: It also helps drive the transmission. Damage to the fluid, such as oxidation and shear, will reduce its holding power. This allows the transmission to slip and overheat, and quickly cause it to fail. A complete fluid exchange service, performed annually, can add years to your transmission�s life. For Example GMC say's On My 2004 GMC Automatic Transmission Fluid and Filter Replacement Interval:

Every 100000 miles unless the vehicle is mainly driven under one or more of these conditions:

1) In heavy city traffic where the outside temperature regularly reaches 90 F (32 C) or higher.

2) In hilly or mountainous terrain.

3) When doing frequent trailering. Good Luck and Remember.

Change Your Mind, Not Your Oil.

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See My Bio For Information & Contact Details. Well actually your suppose to change the filter in the transmission every 10000 miles. Thanks Nick ASE certified Transmission mechanic