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How do you change your fuel pump on your 1993 Pontiac transport van?



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You will have to drop the fuel tank & quicker if you have two people to work on it. It doesn't take long if you stay on it til finish. It is best to start after you have run the tank to E so it won't be as heavy when u drop the tank. Disconnect both fuel lines from the Fuel-Sender-Unit (A metal pipe/lid/pump-holder that is on top of the tank. If the FSU is rusty the "quick-disconnection fitting will not come off (don't force them), then simply disconnect at the Fuel filter (about 2 feet away) and unclip the lines from the underbody. Unhook the wiring, Fill hose, and vent hose. Prop the tank up with scrap lumber and then remove the 4 bolts holding the tank. Remove the wood to lower the tank and drag it out from under the the transport. The tank is Plastic just like most modern gas cans. The FSU and its locking plate are not. Its a rotating lock, (use WD40 if necessary) and lift out the FSU. The pump will be sitting in the FSU, unplug it, and you can wiggle it off. Drain tank fully, add new pump to FSU, and reinstall into car in reverse.