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The fuse should be inside the passenger compartment on the drivers side.Look for fuse #23. It should have a Ampere rating of 15 and the color should be blue.

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Q: How do you change your turning signal fuse on a mercury cougar?
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What is wrong if the signal comes on sometimes on a 1999 mercury cougar?

What signal?

Turn signal flasher location 1991 Mercury Cougar LS v6?

did you try your fuse panel

Where is the hazard flasher located on a 2000 Mercury Cougar?

The hazard flasher on a 2000 Mercury Cougar is located under the dash on the driver's side of the vehicle. It is in the slot next to the turn signal flasher above the brake pedal.

Where is Electronic flasher 94 cougar?

If your referring to the emergency flashers.... it'snactually in the turn signal switch. i have a 94 mercury cougar xr7 and when i bought it the emergency flashers did not work. i in the end i had to replace the entire turn signal switch in the steering column.

Where is the turn signal flasher located on a 1994 Mercury Cougar?

Undedr the dash on the drivers side against the wheel well

Where is the relay flasher in the 2000 mercury cougar?

its in the steering column on the left hand side rear, attached to the turn signal assembly.

How do you fix the signal lights on a 1988 Mercury Cougar?

Well, you don't state the poblem, but if all your turn signals are not working and flashing as they should, replace the Turn Signal Flasher Relay.

Where is the turn signal flasher on a 1988 Mercury Cougar located?

you have to remove the sound dampeners on the bottom of the steering column and it will be to the right of the fuse block

How do you bypass the brake safety switch on a 1990 Mercury Cougar?

just replace it this switch might also be the boo switch that sends the signal to the computer

I replaced the flasher and my turn signals still don't work on my 1999 Mercury Cougar?

If you replaced the flasher on your 1999 Mercury Cougar and your turn signals are still not working, you should check the turn signal fuse. This fuse is located under the dashboard on the driver's side of the vehicle to the left of the steering column.

Location of turn signal relay on mercury 1997 cougar xr-7?

Left hand side of instrument panel, at the left hand side of the steering column.

How do you fix a signal light blinker for a Mercury Cougar 1999 that blinks about 2-3 times and then stops-- Sometimes it does not blink at all but only after you jiggle the signal light lever?

i got the same problem with my 99 Audi a6.

How do you change the front turn signal on a 1997 Mercury Grand Marquis?

assuming you mean the light bulbs, see the answer to "how do you change turn signal lamps both front and rear on a 96 mercury grand marquis" right here in WikiAnswers.

How do you change the turn signal bulb on a 1994 Mercury Cougar?

I have a 1991, and in order to change these on the front, I have to go under the front bumper and reach in to unclamp the bulb socket, and change the bulb that way. On the back, I have to take out the trunk lining panel on which ever side of the rear is not working, unclamp the socket and change the bulb. I am not sure if a "94" is put together in this manner or not, but its worth a look see.

Where is the fuse for turn signals on a 1989 Mercury Cougar located?

in the steering colume there is a little box connected to turn signal you replace that little box but you have to take lower colume off.

What is the location of the ignition control module on a 1996 Mercury Cougar XR7 4.6L V8 please?

under the hood behind the drivers side front turn signal between inner & outer fender

Do you turn the turning signal up or down if your turning left?

You turn the turning signal up to go left and down to go right. You turn the turning signal up to go left and down to go right.

How do i change turning signal light switch for Toyota Camry 1999?

The signal light switch, on your Toyota Camry, can be changed by unplugging the signal relay switch. Plug in the new relay switch.

How do you change a turn signal switch on a 2001 Alero?

if it is making a buzzing noise like your horn instead of turning on the turn signal it is a recalled item through the dealer if it is making a buzzing noise like your horn instead of turning on the turn signal it is a recalled item through the dealer

Where is the turning signal relay on a 1989 Lincoln Continental 4.2L V8?

if your turning signal is not working it maybe the turn signal. it was like that in my 93

How do you change the turning signal flasher switch on a 95 Chevrolet truck?

In the fuse box the round silver flasher.

How do you make a turning signal for a car?

Almost every car nowadays come with a turning signal. If you do not have a turning signal, a legal way to signal that you are going to turn would be to stretch out your hand in the direction that you are turning to. Otherwise, you can install two lights (flashing or not) on the two corners of your car. Link it to the buttons near the driver's seat for convenience, and press the button to activate the lights as a signal.

Where is the turn signal flasher on a 1999 Mercury Cougar located?

If you remove the lower half of the steering column it is behind the turn signal. It is a black box type fuse. Just unplug and plug in new fuse. Hope this helps :)

Location of turn signal relay 1996 mercury mystique?

Location of turn signal relay on mercury 1996 mystique

Where is the turn signal relay located for a 1989 Mercury Sable?

where is turn signal relay located at 1989 mercury sable