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more than likely you have a old thermal style actuator that went bad


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try replacing the actuator, witch is located in the front end if you look under the truck there like 80 bucks but that's what keep my silverado from going into 4x4

You did not say what kind of vehicle it is. If it is a front wheel drive, it has drive axles and if the drive axle is going out, it will click especially when you turn the wheels.

No, There would not be a 4500 version of Silverado.

It will be the 3ed spark plug from the front of the head going to the back on the driverside head.

sounds like a front wheel drive with bad cv joints, which are your drive shafts going to both front wheels.

It will turn by hand, But not while going down the road.

The universal joints in the front driveshaft may be going bad.

it might be your drive shaft or transmission going out.

You have 1 behind both front wheels. If you look close you will see an electrical wire going in towards the back of the rotors, That will be the wire going to the speed sensors.There is 1 screewed into the transfur case towards the rear of it, If it's a 4-wheel drive. If it's a 2-wheel drive then it will be screewed into the tail shaft housing on the back of the transmission were the driveshaft slides into the transmission.

the oil presser going up and down is why your check guadges light is coming on.. probly need a ned oil pump but check the sender first, much easer and cheeper to replace..

if you remove rear drive shaft, you can still drive on front wheels. just be aware that the vehicle will handle differently on take off and cornering as all power is going straight to front wheels

There is a switch on the transfur case that sends power to the front differential 4x4 Actuator when you shift the 4x4 lever,need to check the switch with a test light to see if it has power going to it. If not then check fuse in fuse box for the 4x4, If it does have power going to it, then go to the front housing and check the Actuator with a test light to see if it has power going to it, if no power then problem is in the wireing from there back to the transfur case switch. If you do have power at the front, then replace the Actuator.

Need to check the 4x4 fuse in the fuse box with a test light first. Then lay down under the front of the truck and look at the front Differential housing, left side of the middle. You will see wires going to the 4x4 Actuator. Take test light and check those connectors, one of them should be hot when shifter is in 4x4 with key on. If not hot then check the wireing going to it, for a broken wire. If wire does have power going to it ,Then replace the 4x4 Actuator. IT SCREEWS OUT OF HOUSING.

A vehicle that has the option that all four wheels are driven by the engine instead of just two. They have front and rear drive shafts going to the wheels, a two wheel drive vehicle only has drive shafts going to one set of wheels. A system whereby all four road wheels are driven by the engine. Normally only the back or the front wheels are driven.

Jack up the front end and check for play in the suspension. Check for looseness of the brake caliper. or try checking the outboard CV (Constant Velocity) Joint which is common in front wheel drive vehicles.

You should check it out on YouTube...very detailed and I believe the replacement filter is going into a Tahoe which is the same for the Silverado

My guess is you have a tire ply separation going on. Check your front tires.

Four wheel drive? 2 Wheel Drive? Front? Rear? Pads, shoes? You're going to have to be more specific.

That's never going to happen as the 98 Monte is front drive.

If you look in over the top of the left front tire where the A frame and shock is bolted you will see an electric wire going in behind the rotor. That wire goes to the sensor.There is 1 behind each front wheel.

The pump bearings may be going bad or the belt could be slipping. Check to see if the belt is too tight or too loose.

See if your drive shaft going to front end is bent.

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