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How do you check the transmission fluid in a 1996 Ford F-150 SL?


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2015-07-15 19:42:03
2015-07-15 19:42:03

The procedure varies with the vehicle. It is spelled out in the owners manual or sometimes on the dipstick. The normal procedure is to drive the vehicle until it is at normal operating temperature, 10 miles, will accomplish this. Park on a level surface. Start the engine and place in park. Remove the dipstick and wipe clean. Reinsert the dipstick and remove and check the level. Do not overfill as this can damage the transmission. The add mark is normally one pint. On some vehicles you check cold and with the vehicle not running. Read the owners manual.


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Drop the transmission fluid pan. its there.

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the transmission that is in a 1996 f150 is a 4r70w if automatic

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Motorcraft MERCON automatic transmission fluid for the transfer case in a 1996 F-150 according to the owners manual

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Motorcraft MERCON automatic transmission fluid in your 4x4 transfer case

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