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How do you check the transmission fluid in a Honda Passport?


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2015-07-15 21:50:57
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Leo4613-- I normally work on a cab fleet,boss and his wife are selling her passport,tranny was slipping. as I stated below,neather auto or manual trans on passport have trans dipstick. so here is what I figrued out to do and it works. OK? the car WILL need to be level,go underneath,look at the tranny pan.there are 2 plug bolts.remove the high 1,place a pan underneath the opening. now, go up to the engine compartmet,locate the tranny breather\fill tube,it will come up next to the oil dipstick,run along the firewall ending under the wiper motor. I disconnected it at the point under the wiper motor so I could attach a small funnel( shop to add fluid. add fuid 1/4 of a quart at a time(may be helpful if you have someone helping you,I rigged my fill funnel to hang from the hood.). stop when fliud starts coming out of opened plug hole. reinstall plug bolt, start car,let idle,the step on brake and run trans through gears(R-N-D-N-R-P).stop car,refill as tranny cooler may have been low also.while under car check for leaks! I found a pinhole in the tranny cooler line,was a rubber 1 so R&R the line. I did take pictures,outlined hoses and bolts to help anyone out. email request to: good luck all!

I know that the 1998 Honda passport does NOT have a dip stick to check the transmission fluid level. The manual indicates that the level should be checked by the dealer. I have never been able to determine how a dealer performs this check.

The Isuzu Rodeo & Amigo Honda Passport (89-02) manual published by Haynes states the following.Checking the transmission fliud for a 96 and newer requires the use of a special fliud temperature guage which can be ordered from the Honda dealers parts department.

First run the engine at idle speed for at least 3 minutes. Then open the transmission overfill screw with engine running. Place the guage in the over glow until it reached between 90 degrees and 135 degrees F. Then using a syringe or small pump add fluid until it runs out. Replace and Tighten plug to specified torque of 28.

Locate the dipstick, and whilst the vehicle is running, pull out the dipstick, wipe it clean, re-insert it, pull it again, and check the fluid level on the stick.

- NO.....there are no tranny dipsticks on these auto transmissions.

Neather the auto or manual trans have a dipstick for checking ATF levels. there are supposed to be "check ports " on the trans. remove the bolt and check level by feel with a finger . however. I would apprecate if anyone has a manual would post where the supposed fill plug is.

The supposed check ports are on the side of the tran, as these cars were built from leftovers of other production cars, space is VERY tight!Like the temp gauge, is probably a special order tool that costs a arm and leg to buy and use once in a great while.


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It may not have a dipstick for the transmission fluid. Have to take it to a garage. My Honda Passport 2001 is in this category.

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You cant check the transmission fluid yourself , you have to take it to a shop and get them to check it . It doesn't have a stick , it has two things on the trans ,one to check the fluid and one to drain it ..

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There is a bolt u have to take out to see if the fluid is full .. The bolt is located under the car by the transmission .. only way to check and fill the transmission fluid

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How do I check the transmission fluid on a 1983 Honda Civic 1500DX

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I'm not sure which plug (bolt) it is, but there is supposed to be one plug for filling the transmission and one to tell when the fluid is at the correct level. There isn't a dipstick.

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