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Remove the carburator and disassemble it completely. Go to NAPA and pick up a 1 gallon tin of Carburetor Cleaner. This stuff is something you don't want on your skin. Soak everything except any gaskets or rubber seals / o-rings in this mixture over night. The next day, rinse parts off with spray carb cleaner and you'll have a like new carb.

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Q: How do you clean the carburetor of a Honda Xr1oor dirt bike?
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Can you put a Honda dirt bike carburetor on a Yamaha dirt bike?

yes we can use the Honda dirt carburator to the yamaha by some adjustment

Hero Honda CD 100 bike carburetor tuning?

To set the carburetor on the Hero Honda CD 100 bike, locate the set screw attached to the carburetor. Start the bike and using a screwdriver, turn the screw until the bike runs smoothly. This may take a few tries to make sure the screw is getting turned the right way.

Where does the carburetor hook in to 1986 Honda dirt bike?

it hooks on to the engine block and atteaches to the gas line

How do you tune a Honda xr 200 carburetor?

If your on the right side of the bike the carburetor is to the top left of the cylinder, there is a screw with a spring on it, tighten the screw to bring the idle up, loosen it to lower the idle

Why does your 49cc pocket bike turn off when im about to take off?

You have to clean the carburetor usually that's the main problem

What is the horsepower on a 2005 Honda shadow aero?

A 2005 Honda Shadow 750 has an actual engine size of 745cc. depending on the carburetor type the bike has either 43 or 47.2 horsepower.

How do you get more horsepower from a Honda XR80?

You can try to get a bigger carburetor for the bike. The XR80 carburetor will fit with some modifications. Another possibility is to bore the engine out to 90 cc but then you will need a different piston and rings.

Where is the carburetor on a Honda rebel 250?

It is towards the front of the bike located right behind the engine. You might notice a lot of hoses connected to it.

How do you clean a Yamaha blaster carburetor?

okay you dissmount the carburetor from the engine said and the airbox side, remember where the hoses went, now take a screw driver take apart the float bowl (the bottom of the carburetor) if it smells like old gas, take the gas out of the bike, you then clean it with solvent and a wire brush, take apart the top housing dont lose the jet needle because you need this to keep the bike from flooding, and just clean it with the wire brush and there ya go :)

Do ride a Honda xr100 with the choke on?

I assume your question was "do you ride an Xr100 with the choke on?". In response to that the answer is no. If you are having to run it with the choke on, that is an indication of clogged jets in the carburetor which will require removing the carburetor, disassembling, cleaning, reassembling and reinstalling on the bike.

Where is the carburetor on a pocket bike?

On the intake manifold

Will a dirty carburetor prevent the bike from starting?


Will it flood your carburetor if you lay your bike on its side?


What is a better dirt bike a Honda or a Yamaha?

honda is a better motorcross bike (250 and 450) and yamaha is a better trail bike

Who invent the first Honda dirt bike?


Setting the carburetor to factory settings on the baja heat mini bike?

The black Phillips head screw on the rear of the carburetor adjusts the airflow. You need to have it about 4 full turns into the hole and that's factory. To set the carburetor, just continue to screw in the air screw until the bike runs properly. In your climate, you will hear and feel the bike get smoother as the carburetor gets to the proper setting. Try it out and have a blast!!

What is louder a kawasaki or Honda dirt bike?

honda by far

Which bike is better hero Honda glamour or Honda shine?

hero honda glamour

Does Honda XR 250 tornado have jets problem?

All motorcycles may have problems with carburetor jets at some time. It does not depend on the type or the brand of bike. Cleaning or changing the jets will solve the problem.

Maintenance of Honda stunner bike?

what average give stunner bike

Which is better Honda 100 or Kawasaki 140 bike?

well the Honda is the most reliable bike on the market to me, but if your after speed go for the 140

Why is mine pit bike spluttering when revved more than quarter throttle?

probably have bad gas (did you let it sit for a long time without running it?)... need to drain the tank and fuel lines, clean the carburetor and put premium fuel back in the bike.

How fast would a Honda express go with a load of 150 lb?

I own a 1978 Honda Express and I weigh 145lbs. Mine tops out at 28mph. Every bike is different, and it also depends on how clean your carb is.

How do I adjust the carburetor on a baja mini bike 196cc?

There is a black screw behind the carburetor, if you turn it clockwise while it is idling you will hear the rpm's drop.

How do you clean your dirt bike?

Safe your bike from sunlight and mud.