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Don't! Your laptop output was not designed to drive speakers directly! It won't work or you will burn out the output stage. You need an amplifier. If you are industrious Google for schematics. (I've come across a few plans for some several thousand watt monsters myself) Otherwise, just pick up another amp at a store or garage sale. It's better to spend $20 on an amp than a few hundred on repairs because you blew out your laptop's sound chip.

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Q: How do you connect five speakers from your old hi-fi to a laptop?
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Where can one purchase hifi speakers?

HiFi speakers can be purchased online or offline at electronics shops. They can be found online at HigherFi, Amazon, or Keith Stead. If someone wants to purchase them offline, they can try their local electronics store.

What does une chaine hifi mean?

A hifi (including a record turntable and speakers, a tuner/amplifier and possibly a double deck tape recorder and CD player)

How do you connect your MP3 to a HiFi via audio in?

To connect your iPod to your hifi you will need a 3.5mm to 2 RCA cable. There should be either white and red, or black and red RCA sockets on your equipment where you plug this into.

How do you connect an MP3 player to HiFi without an auxillary input?

Connecting MP3 to HiFiHere is one assumption that I am going to make - your HiFi unit has a built-in FM radio. There are MP3 to FM interface devices available which will achieve what you have asked for. Here is one such device: you do is to connect the MP3 player to the FM transmitter, tune your hifi to the FM transmitter frequency - and you have wireless transmission for audio for $8 plus shipping.If your HiFi does not have a built-in FM radio, here is another method (assuming that you have an old cassette player). All you would need is a cassette adapter and connect your MP3 player to it, start up your HiFI tape player and you have a low cost interface. If you are the hands-on type, you can locate the pre-amp of the HiFi and inject your MP3 player's audio - but that depends on your electronic knowledge and the model of the HiFi.

What is a HiFi rack most often used for?

A HiFi rack is most often used for placing the componant parts of a home music system on. They are also likely to be used to hold the speakers and, in some cases, a CD collection.

How do you connect hifi speakers to amplifier wirelessly?

You cant. An amplifier amplifies and electrical signal, adding wattage, to power the speakers, which are basically specialized electrical motors. Thus, just like you cannot remotly plug your vaccuum cleaner into the wall, you cannot remotly send driving signal to an ordinary speaker. There are some setups that use a remote transmission 'reciever' and a speaker with its own 'reciever' and its own powered amplifier (shich must be plugged into the wall), but these are not 'HiFi', they are a gimick, an not very accurate. Some of the cheap gimicky HTIB systems currently emply this.

What are the benefits of a HiFi music system?

The benefit of a HiFi music system is the high quality of the sound. HiFi stands for High Fidelity, meaning that the listener will get a superior musical experience when using HiFi music systems.

Does the AKG Acoustics K240 mk11 professional semi open HiFi stereo studio headphone with varimotion speakers have a good sound quality?

Yes AKG is an awsome brand.

Home theater or HiFi is good for listining music?

HiFi is good for listening music as we compare it with Home Theater. HiFi means High fidelity that make reproductions as true to the original as possible, enhancements are limited.

Where can one purchase a HiFi stand?

You can purchase a HiFi stand online from the Plasma Center website. This website is based in the United Kingdom and all prices are Euro. You can also find HiFi stands for sale from Amazon.

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What size are the speakers in a 2001 Subaru legacy wagon?

if you are looking to replace the door speakers in your Subaru legacy wagon 2001 the size of the speakers in the doors is 6 and 3/4 inches that is measured from the outside of the speaker bracket to the other, if you get into better hifi equipment then the speaker is measured from one side of the cone to the other so make sure which measurement the company you want to buy from is using

When was the Bose Corporation founded?

The Bose Corporation was founded in 1964 by Amar G. Bose. It is a Massachusetts based HiFi producer that is renowned worldwide for its high-end audio products such as the famous Acoustimass speakers series.

What will happen if you use 8 ohm speakers on a 16 ohm hifi amp?

Never heard of a 16 ohm hifi aplifier. All amplifiers have an output impedance of less than 0.1 ohm. We use always impedance matching with a low source impedance to the much higher load impedance. Scroll down to related links and read "Amplifier, Loudspeaker, and Ohms".

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Where can a micro HiFi system be purchased?

Micro HiFi systems can be purchased from a variety of different online stores. Amazon, Cuptainers, Pixmania, and Samstores, for example, each sell this item.

Can you use 30W speakers in a 300W HiFi System without damaging them?

Your amp's got enough power there to blow those speakers to kingdom come, but that doesn't mean you can't use them. At low volume settings, you're nowhere near the maximum output of the amp, so use them, but be careful. You should be able to hear when you're overdriving them.

Are there speakers in dj mixers or do you have to by a regular speaker and attach it?

A DJ mixer is used to mix audio sources together in to a single output. Typically the inputs are CD players, Ipods, Turntables and a microphone. The output of the mixer is low voltage and requires amplification by a separate power amplifer which in turn drives the external speakers. Because of the high volume levels and peaks (transients) regular domestic "HiFi" speakers aren't built strongly enough to last long. You will require either "Disco" or DJ speakers of PA (band) grade speakers.

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A great laptop to get is a Toshiba L500/00D its a great computer for a teenager for Myspace, Facebook, MSN, Youtube, Twitter, Bebo and iTunes it has 4GB RAM and 400GB Memory it's fast and you can do so many things at once on it! it is about $800 and you can get it from JB-HIFI, Harvey Norman, Dick Smiths, Office Works places like them.

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High Fidelity, it was the old school "HD" for audio.

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hifi tone or note