How do you connect the blower motor resistor on a 99 grand Cherokee?

There are two star-drive screws on each end of the resistor that need to be removed and the resistor will come out. There is a connector that has to be undone also. FYI - resistor is located underneath the glovebox near the firewall. If you purchase a $20 repair book at local parts store, it explains in detail. Pretty simple process have a short that causes the wiring and connector to overheat and ultimately melt. If this is the case you will have to replace the connector. The connector is part of a wiring harness that is available through a Jeep dealership only (resistor only available at dealership too). To replace the entire wire harness would take a trained mechanic several hours (VERY LABOR INTENSIVE). Pretty much impossible for anyone else - the wiring harness connects MULTIPLE devises and is intertwined throught the dash. I have never asked what it would cost for the dealership to do this but I bet you would be shocked. I'm guessing $600-1000 (or more). The wiring harness and the resistor are around $250 (if I remember correctly) just for the parts. This problem occurs for me once a year. I just splice the connector without replacing the entire wiring harness and everything works fine for about 1 year. I have been lucky enough to find the parts at junkyards - most it costs is $10-25 - although I have to frequently call or physically check for them. If anyone knows about a common problem that would cause the short in the first place, I would appreciate hearing about it!!! Good luck - It's a jeep thing...I don't understand. I hope you never have to replace the radiator...ridiculous. :)