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How do you continue growing an apple tree from a sapling?


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Just put leave it for four days and countinue :)


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If you buy an apple tree sapling then get a stick of bamboo ext to where you have placed the sapling in the ground. The get a peice of string or wire and attack that round the bamboo tree and the sapling.

Tree is to sapling as plant is to seedling.

A sapling is a noun for a young tree there is no opposite of 'sapling'.

A sapling is a young tree that is beginning to grow. A young seedling grows into a sapling which then grows into a tree. 'Sapling' can also be used as a euphemism for a young person.

a mature tree and after that an old tree

I'm afraid not. Apple trees grow much differently then any other tree IE. A granny smith seed can produce a McIntosh and a McIntosh might make a gala Apple. The only sure fire way of making it go into the tree you want go to a sapling with a small bit of branch from a older tree and cut a groove in the sapling that fist the twig from the big tree. Then attach them together with twine or string and soon it will become the tree you took the twig from.

On. Growing on the tree. The apples on the tree are almost ripe. I see one bright red apple on the tree. The apples on the tree are getting pecked by birds.

I planted a sapling which grew out to become a tree.

it becomes a muchore tree

a small tree is called a sapling

seedling acorn sapling tree

A little tree is called a sapling

The difference between a seedling and sapling is a seedling is a young plant that developed from a seed. A sapling is a young tree.

Growing : 1 tree = $50 (£43) Buying : 1 tree = $68 (£61) Growing : 1 apple = $0.32 (£0.30) Buying : 1 apple = $0.67 (£0.64)

It depends on many factors such as tree variety, size of sapling at transplanting, and climate, but most trees start putting on fruit in their third season.

An alligator apple is a tropical fruit tree, Latin name Annona glabra, found growing in swamps, or the fruit of the tree.

A tree sapling looks like a mini plant beginning to grow. Scientists say that they are always relatively small.

The sapling will undergo many changes before it becomes a mature tree.

right after it blooms, around April

They are growing up like a apple tree.

There would not be any apples growing on the tree.

You need a sapling from a tree that spawn in the jungle.

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