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How do you convert from grams to moles and also from moles to grams?

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You must first find the molar mass of the element or compound. Use the periodic table (see the link to the left of the answer). If the chemical is an element, just read off the atomic mass from the periodic table. If it is a compound, you must know the molecular formula, and then you find the total molar mass of the compound by adding up the atomic masses of each atom in the compound. The unit of the molar mass will be in grams per moles (g/mole)

Once you have the molar mass, you can easily convert from grams to moles, and also from moles to grams.

Number of moles = (# of grams) / (molar mass)

Number of grams = (# of moles) * (molar mass)

Here are a two examples:

Example 1:

How many moles are in 5 grams of O2?

The molar mass of O2 = 16.00 g/mole x 2 (for 2 atoms of oxygen) or 32.00 g/mole.

5 g of O2 / (32 g/mole) = 0.15625 moles

Example 2:

How many grams does 4 moles of NH3 weigh?

The molar mass of NH3 = 14.01 + (3 * 1.01) = 17.04 g/mole

4 moles * 17.04 g/mole = 68.16 grams Grams in a MoleIn chemistry a mole is considered to be Avogadro's number (6.02 x 1023)of molecules (or atoms) of a substance - so depending on the density of the substance, the mass of that amount of the substance could vary widely.

One mole of hydrogen, for example, would have a different mass than one mole of lead. The question compares two different measurements of a given substance, rather like asking "how heavy is a gallon?". The question becomes "A gallon of what"?

*On the other hand, the Eastern Mole (Scalopus aquaticus) a small, burrowing mammal, weighs between 54 and 99 grams at adult size.
To convert grams to moles simply multiply the molar mass by the number of moles.

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Gram is a measurement of mass. A mole represents a number of Avogadro Constant. The relationship between them: The mass of a mole of a substance is equivalent to the relative molecular mass in grams.

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How do you calculate the gram molecular weight if you have 3.9176 grams and 0.122400 moles?

See the Related Questions to the left of this answer:"How do you convert from grams to moles and also from moles to grams?"

How can you convert from grams to molecules?

Convert the grams into moles by dividing the grams with molecular mass. Then you get the no.of moles. Multiply the no. of moles with 6.022 x 1023 to get the no. of molecules.

What is the formula to convert moles to grams?

Moles is equal to grams divided by the mw therefore grams=(mw)(moles).

How to convert grams to atoms?

To convert grams into atoms, you have to convert them into moles first. Get the molar mass and multiply it by the number of moles to get the atoms.

Convert grams to moles?

42.7 grams of AL(OH) 3 to Moles

Convert from moles to grams?

For converting any substance in moles to grams:- Grams= No. of moles x Atomic or molecular mass.

Convert 0.0235 moles of sugar to grams?

0.o235 moles of sugar to grams

How do you convert from molarity to moles and also from moles to molarity?

1M is the mol wt in grams per litre of the substance.

How do you I convert moles to grams?

The mole is the molar mass of a compound in grams.

What do you do to convert grams to moles?

The molar mass of a compound is expressed in grams.

How many moles are in 10.0 grams of copper?

To convert from grams to moles, use this general formula:Grams ÷ Molar mass = Moles10.0 grams Cu ÷ 63.5 grams Cu = 0.157 moles CuSee the related question below that details the conversion of grams to moles and moles to grams.

How do you convert milliliters into moles?

convert to liters, then multiply by density of substance. with the grams, use the moles=mass/molar mass to find moles

How do I convert grams to Molar concentration?

grams divided by the molecular weight to get to moles moles divided by volume to get molarity

How do you convert moles per liter into grams?

You can convert moles per litre into grams per litre by multiplying the value in grams per litre by the molecular weight. To calculate total moles or grams of solute in a volume of solution specified in grams or moles per litre, multiply by the total number of litres in the volume.

Do you have to convert grams to moles for the ideal gas law?

Yes. You should convert grams to moles in order to use the ideal gas law. The units of the other variable, R (gas constant) has moles in it.

How do you convert 5 meters to grams?

Actually, you can. You can convert grams to moles then moles to meters... or vise versa. usually the place of a mol is 1. unless you are good at chemistry.

What is the formula to convert grams to moles?

Divide grams by the molar mass of the substance.

Convert moles of water to grams?

Multiply no. of moles with the molecular mass of water i.e 18g to get the mass of water in grams

How many moles are in 50.15 grams of mercury?

To convert grams to moles you need mercury's atomic mass: 200.59 grams/mole. You can then take your measurement and divide it by the atomic mass to get moles.Grams ÷ Atomic mass = Moles50.15 grams ÷ 200.59 grams = 0.2500 moles Hg

How do I convert grams into moles?

number of moles = mass of the substance/molar mass of the substance

How do u convert moles into grams?

To convert moles of a substance into grams you first need to figure out its molecular mass. Then you can use this equation: grams(g)=moles(n) X molecular mass For example, 1 mole of Carbon (which has a molecular mass of 12) has a mass of 12 grams.

How could you convert grams of substances into moles?

Mass in grams = Number of moles x Molecular mass (or atomic weight for elements)

Convert molecular weight to grams?

Molecular weight x no of moles = amount of grams.

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