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You'll have to get pigtails for the harness that attaches to the mirrors, then you will have to get the under dash power mirrors/doors harness. Then you will have to get the power mirror switch that mounts to the dash, then you will have to either run a new engine to firewall harness, or figure out the wiring (i.e. : What wires are power, ground, left, right, up, down power/grd) and wire them up to the existing harness. Basically your replacing the dash and engine harness if you want to do this. You could always just splice wires together and get it to work, but if you do that theres always a chance that the harness will overload and melt and catch fire. Good luck!

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โˆ™ 2009-11-04 17:01:04
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Q: How do you convert non-power mirrors to power mirrors on a 1997 Honda Civic 4dr?
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