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How do you cure a pimples?


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January 15, 2012 11:00AM

really speaking if you are looking for the best cure for pimples , then actually there is nothing in particular to do . i have an oily skin and i suffer from a lot of pimples and i sit all day in front of the computer searching for the best cure . some say put some garlic while some say use turmeric . that's all utter nonsense and please don't believe any of such crap . i would say that you just need to have lots of water and use himalaya purifying neem face wash that's awsome and after washing your face with that use the moisturising lotion of himalaya . don't touch your face .

yes, the main thing is that u dont touch ur face. and something that could help is to dab tea tree oil on ur pimples 3 times a day. tea tree oil is sold at the supermarket and any pharmacies. and if you wash ur face with soap in the mornings you should stop and always use face wash. make sure u choose ur face wash wisely coz u dont want an allergic reaction.