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How do you deactivate the child safety locks in 1995 Geo Metro?

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2009-11-01 19:36:43


Should be little levers at the bottom of the door latches

I had a 1993 Geo Metro 2 door that had child safety locks. After

I started driving and it seemed like, reached a certain rpm they

would engage. I later custom mounted Geo Storm seats into the

Metro. When I unbolted and pulled the old seats out I found a wire

attached to the seat, so I disconnected it. I don't thing the new

Storm seats had the female end of this wire, so I left the male

side lying under the seat disconnected. After that the child safety

locks didn't work any longer. I later figured out this was do to

this wire being disconnected. Try looking under the seats, driver

and passenger and seeing if there is a wire, if so disconnect it

and see if this works. Good luck, James

if it has it's own fuse....pull it

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