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How do you determine origin af an Email?

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May 03, 2017 10:55PM

The From: and To: parts of an email message are whatever

a sender wants them to be. Especially if they are not using a

standard email program.

A received email includes header information detailing its

origin and the path the message took to reach you. You can access

this information from many email readers. For example:

  • In Yahoo mail, click on More and select View Raw


  • In Gmail at the right of the reply button, click the down

    triangle and select show original.

  • In Thunderbird, choose View > Headers > All
  • In Microsoft outlook, find the Properties or

    Option, Show Options or Message Options and Header

    information appears in the Internet headers box.

    Unfortunately Different releases of Outlook do things


Every mail reader has its own way of doing things. Try Searching

with "How to Get Email Headers" for specifics. As of May, 2017, has a nice list covering many mail readers.

The email message headers have information mostly provided by

the email system. Of interest are the lines starting with

"Received: by " and "Received: from " . They describe the

origin and the path taken by the message to reach you. The first

one usually connects to the original sender where the message first

came from. The last one is normally the mail server from where you

received the message.

Use gmail. when you give out you email address anywhere just put



Giving your email to

then if you get an email whatever is after the plus is where the

email came from

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