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How do you diet in a healthy way?

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Watch the amount of food you intake. You can eat most of the things you normally eat, but cut your portion size down and make sure you DO NOT EAT LATE AT NIGHT. Also, exercise is a must. Dont over exert yourself but maintain a strict regimen. Walking, cardio,lifting small weights..etc.

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Are chips healthy or unhealthy?

They are unhealthy but in a way healthy. They are healthy because they help you have a balanced diet.

Is a crash diet a healthy way of losing weight?

No, a crash diet is never a healthy way of losing weight, it is extremly un healthy, and you will gain the weight back right away if you lose it too quickly.

How healthy is a vegetarian diet?

Generally very healthy. However, a vegetarian needs to be careful that they have enough iron in their diet. A vegan needs to take a Vitamin B12 supplement.Following a vegetarian diet a very healthy way of life.

What is a good source for a healthy weight loss diet plan?

The best way to lose weight is to do it the healthy way. You just need to change your diet and the foods you eat. You also need to get plenty of exercise and drink water.

What would you consider a good healthy balanced diet?

watching your weight is concidered a great way to diet

What are some guidelines to help me plan out a healthy diet?

Sticking to a healthy diet can be a difficult challenge. A good way to stick to your diet is to plan out your meals a day or two ahead, and shop for only those ingredients, That way you don't have an excuse to not have something healthy and too munch on junk food.

Was a peasants diet healthy?

was a peasants diet healthy

What is the purpose of a healthy diet?

To look good To feel good To be healthy and to avoid disease

Which one is the best way to increase your height?

Stretching and healthy diet

What are the healthy advantages of an unhealthy diet?

There are no healthy advantages of an unhealthy diet. An unhealthy diet is an unhealthy diet.

How can I start a healthy diet plan for my entire family?

The best way to introduce a healthy diet plan to the entire family is to cook your family meals healthier. Whichever diet you decide to go with as long as its a safe and healthy diet will be great for your entire family. Start introducing them to great tasting healthy foods on a daily basis.

What is the definition of a healthy diet?

a healthy diet....Durruhhh x

Do dancing keep you healthy?

it can keep you fit/toned. but healthy is more to do with your diet, although excersicing is a way of keeping healthy, so, yeah.

A healthy way to gain weight would be to simply add more calories to your diet?

Adding calories to your diet will help you to gain weight, but it will not necessarily be a healthy way to do it. It depends on the foods you eat. If you eat junk foods that have a lot of refined sugar and other unhealthy ingredients, it will not be healthy. Eating a balanced diet of healthy foods, like fruits and vegetables, meats, grains, etc., but eating more is a healthy way to gain weight. Getting exercise daily is also healthy.

What is the importance of balanced diet?

To ensure that you have a healthy diet and life. To ensure that you have a healthy diet and life.

Define a healthy diet for children?

Define a healthy diet for children

What is a healthy diet for a 9 year old who wants to lose a little weight?

there is no healthy way. no matter who you are you are beutifull because your you.

Which program has an healthy 4 day diet?

There are several diets that are for short periods of time, they are easy to find on the internet, however, eating a steady healthy diet is the only way to truly lose weight and stay healthy.

How compatible is chocolate/candy with a healthy diet?

We all are aware that chocolates and candies are really not good for someone who are having diet. But the good thing is you can do something so that you can still have it in a healthy way.

What helps you follow a healthy diet?

A mixture of will-power and want to help, but the best thing to help you follow a healthy diet is to eat in a way that is sustainable, i.e. don't go to an extreme.

What is a healthy balanced diet?

a healthy balanced diet is a diet that has a equal amount of fats, carbohidrate ect.

What is the way to lose 100 pounds?

U can use a healthy diet to lose 100

What does being healthy mean?

Discover My Best Way To lose Weight

Why is sugar important for an healthy diet?

Because a healthy diet is a balanced diet so you need some of everything.

What Is The Gordon Ramsay Diet?

The Gordon Ramsay Diet is not a particular weight loss program, but rather a healthy way of eating. Gordon Ramsay promotes his healthy diet in his book, "Healthy Appetite". He offers adivce on how to prepare foods in a healthy manner and so that they are full of flavor. He recommends limiting fat and sugar intakes, and offers many easy to prepare, healthy recipes.