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You can just pull the fuse to disable the auto locking.

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โˆ™ 2006-08-15 18:51:33
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Q: How do you disable the auto locking on a 2000 Intrepid?
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2000 ford explorer 4x4 auto locking huB replacement?


To replace the gas cap on your 2000 Malibu can you buy the locking type?

Locking gas caps are available for just about any model at auto parts stores.

How do you add freon to a 2000 Dodge Intrepid es?

Buy a kit at wal-Mart or auto parts comes with instructions

How can you disable automatic updates?

go into settings and hit 'disable auto updates'

Where can you get a diagram of a Dodge Intrepid engine?

The engine diagram for an intrepid will be in the Dodge intrepid service manual. The manual can be bought through an auto parts, or possibly borrowed from the library.

How do you disable the auto power locks when you put a 1992 Buick Roadmaster Limited into gear?

If you aren't a master mechanic, take into the dealer and get them to do it. They will just hook it up to a computer and disable them digitally. If you are a mechanic, use the obd1 to disable the auto power locks. alternatively you could disable the power supply to the auto locks making them manual lock.

How do you Disable the auto door lock feature on 2000 dodge durango?

Find your fusebox and see if you can find the fuse for the auto door lock mechanism. Just pull the fuse out and it should take care of the problem.

How do you reset the check engine light on a dodge Intrepid?

You can go to your local auto store (auto zone, advanced auto parts) and they can read the code and reset it for you.

Can you install locking hubs in a 1992 4wd Auto trans pickup?

No you can not.

How do you know when you need a new alternator in a 2000 Dodge Intrepid?

It stops charging the battery and the charging system light comes on. Drive to the nearest auto parts store and they will check the system for free.

How do you remove a stereo from a Mustang?

There are two U shaped tools that you can buy from an auto parts store (Very cheap). You simply put them into the the small holes on either side of the stereo and they disable to locking mechanisms. Very easy to do. The radio then slides straight out.

What does a new battery cost for a 2004 Dodge Intrepid?

call an auto parts store.

Where can you get a locking gas cap for a 94 silverado z71?

There are several places to buy a locking gas cap for a 1994 Silverado Z71. Both AutoZone and Advance Auto has locking gas caps.

What is Manual Defrost?

That's when you disable the fridges auto defrost and do it when you want it.

How do you only disable the power door lock system on a 1999 Nissan Pathfiner Power door locks unlock on there own. Disable it by removing power window fuse. But that disables the windows.?

This process can only be done by the dealer... They have to enter the default programming through the computer and change the settings for the auto locking feature. usually a $40-50 CHARGE...

Do the auto locking hubs on a 1994 ranger 4x4 need to be greased?

i have a 1994 f 150 with auto locking hubs and i made the mistake of greasing them. when i made a test run it sounded like gears grinding, i found out soon that on auto hubs you soak them in automatic transmission fluid. MERCON AUTO FLUID WORKS FINE.

How Do you assemble a 1986 Chevy Suburban auto locking four wheel drive front hub?

The best way to repair an auto locking hub is to throw it away and get manual hubs. You will get better mileage and when you lock them in you know the hubs are locked in.

How do you disable auto door locks on 2003 Ford Taurus sedan?

how to disable power door locks on 2003 ford taurus,i don`t have the manual

How do you disable auto headlights on Canadian Chevy Volt?

That's easy.Just rip it out and put in new ones, just make sure you disable the wiring first.

Is it possible to disable the auto door lock on a 2004 XL7?

yeah pull the fuse

How do you disable a 1997 Chevy pickup auto door locks?

Remove the fuse or the relay.

Will the manual locking hubs off a 1984 GMC Suburban fit on a 1986 Chevy Suburban with auto locking hubs?

that's a stupid question, auto 4wd hubs have no place to put the locks that engage the 4wd, that's why its called auto 4wd, so u don't have to get out of ur car and lock them in

Can one easily replace the manual locking hubs on a 1996 Geo Tracker 4x4 with auto locking hubs and if so will auto locking hubs from a 1995 Suzuki Sidekick work?

It's just a matter of removing the 6 hex bolts an pull it out. Then, grab the spare hubs and bolt them in. Yea, indeed all Suzuki hubs fit.

How do you glue bracket back on window 99 Dodge Intrepid?

I would use 'Loctite Auto Mirror Adhesive' .

How do you disable auto sensing wipers?

Theer is probably a fuse for "wipers" in the fuse box or there is probably a plug that goes into your wiper motor; pull that plug and no wipers! If you want to disable only the auto sensing wipers part(what ever that is) Go buy a Haynes Auto Repair manual for your car. Maybe it's in there.