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Roll the window up and remove the door panel by first removing the black trim piece just above the panel at the front with a Phillips head screwdriver, then pulling up and out on the panel to remove it from the door. You might need to pull the inside door handle out to be able to remove it enough. The tabs holding the panel in place are along the bottom of the panel. Once you have the panel pulled off, just hang it down in front of the door (the wires connected to the door/windows power button panel will keep you from fully removing it) and look inside of the door where the striker mechanism is. Reach inside a nearby hole and unplug the sensor plugged into the top front of the striker closest to you and tuck it away somewhere out of the way of the window regulator. This will disable the door ajar alarm bell, but still allow the passive restraint seatbelts to work.

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Q: How do you disable the door ajar sensor or bypass the sensor altogether on a 1993 Mercury Cougar?
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