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You can always remove the mattress and leave the frame in the sofa. In many cases the frame helps support the seat cushions.

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yup, put your sofa right next to it

i guess what i really want to call it is a sofa bed - - queen size

There are lot of variations but a standard queen sofa bed will measure approx 84 inches wide and 90 inches long. From here you can buy queen sofa beds.

YES, a king-size bed is larger than a queen-size bed.

What is the dimensions of a queen size bed

The mattress will be 60 inches (same width as queen bed mattress) by 72inches (8 inches shorter than queen bed mattress).

Most sofa beds way over one hundred pounds when fully assembled. It is recommended that you disassemble them for transportation and storage when not in use.

A queen size bed is a few inches wider than a full size bed.

King size bed is a little bit smaller than queen size bed.

No, a king-size is bigger than a queen-size.

a queen size bed is larger than a king size bed

There is a 16 inch difference between a queen size and king size bed. A Queen bed measures 60" x 80" and King bed measures 76" x 80".

The difference between the queen bed and a king bed is the size. A queen size bed is 5'X6'6" while the king size bed is 6'X6'5".

A typical mattress size for a loveseat sofa bed would be a full. It would be helpful to check with furniture distributors if you need more specific information.

They all vary to the inch, but the 'Queen' size bed is the largest of the Bed Family.

Technically but a full size bed is 6 inches less in width and 5 inches shorter then a queen size bed.

Size of queen bed dimensions

The dimensions of a queen size water bed mattress is 60 by 84 inches. A king size water bed is 72 by 84 inches.

A queen-size bed will fit into a Ford E1 50 cargo van. The queen-size bed will not lay flat. It will need to be put in on an angle.

A queen size bedframe is eighty-four inches long and sixty inches wide. This is the size of the actual queen size Bed Frame, not the actual mattress itself.

The difference is the width of the bed. The king sized bed is bigger then the queen sized bed. The king size headboard will be 16 inches wider then the queen sized boards.

i have a full size bed rail and a queen or king size head and foot board how can i make this work

as big as a single bed

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