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How do you disassemble the headlight on a 1991 F-150 to get condensation out?


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2006-04-05 03:39:20
2006-04-05 03:39:20

Here is advice: * Most of the lights are sealed and you can't take them apart. Take the bulbs out and stick a rag in through the holes ans work it around with a screwdriver. * I drill a small hole on the lower corner of the light, that lets the water out then using the lights will eventually evaporate the rest of the moisture.


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The headlight adjustment for the 1989 F150 2WD is below the actual headlight. You will need to pull the tab at the top of the headlight up to release the headlight and then you can adjust the angle of the light with the long bolt below the housing.

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The 2006 F150 owners manual shows H13 / 9008 headlamp bulb

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According to the 2001 Ford F-150 Owner Guide : Each headlight has ( 1) # 9007 bulb

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