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The 3.0 Acura CL alarm system is wired into a car alarm brain. This will need to be disconnected. It is advised that a professional disconnects it as doing this incorrectly will leave the car unable to be used.

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1999 Mazda miata all lights flashing and car wont turn over alarm?

The alarm can cause your lights to flash and keep the engine from starting. Remove the car alarm fuse, for 30 seconds. Put the fuse back into its original slot and the car alarm system should be reset.

Put a new battery in my truck and now alarm will not quit?

disconnect battery and taking no longer than 30 seconds after disconecting batterie use the alarm control to turn off alarm. reconnect battery if this does not work you will have to take car to dealer there is a special tool for plugging into modern cars to avoid complete loss of battery power when changing batteries etc in newer models

How do you reset or preset car alarm?

To re fresh the alarm, remove the fuse to the alarm, for 30 seconds then re fit, but be ready on the alarm key fob, to turn the alarm off, becose it will sound and flash the lights, when you first put the alarm fuse back in. After you turn off the alarm witht he key fob, it should work as normal alarm again :).

Why would a 1992 Acura Vigor cutoff when driving and not start for 30 minutes?

its either the factory alarm or ur battery i had the exact same ordeal only for 45mins then start

How do I reset my car alarm?

try diss-conecting the battery for 15-30 minutes and hook it back up .

How do you turn off a Hyundai car alarm?

On 2003 Tibron when you set the alarm off do the following, while the horn is sounding turn key to ACC, roll the driver window down and wait for horn to stop then wait 30 seconds and start the car.

How do you disarm factory alarm infiniti i 30 car wont start?

Connect the power and unlock the shut drivers door with your key.

How many gallons take Acura MDX for 30 miles?

how many gallons take Acura MDX per 30 miles on highway

How do you reset the alarm so that the vehicle will start after the alarm has been set off?

On a 2002 Pontiac Grand Am: turn the key to the on position for 30 minutes or until the security light goes out. The car should start.

Where is the alarm fuse for a 2000 Jetta?

There is not a fuse that you can pull. If you are asking because you only have a valet key and your alarm is active (goes off for ~30 seconds every time you start the car), try opening the trunk, or trunk then driver door then unlocking all doors, then start the car again. The trunk lock has a switch that disables the alarm when it is opened with the key.

Which alarm means attack is probable in less than 30 minutes?

alarm yellow

What is the drag coefficient of the 2003 Acura NSX?

The 2003 Acura NSX has a drag coefficient of .30 Cd.

What is the drag coefficient of the 2004 Acura NSX?

The 2004 Acura NSX has a drag coefficient of .30 Cd.

What is the drag coefficient of the 2002 Acura NSX?

The 2002 Acura NSX has a drag coefficient of .30 Cd.

How do you disarm the alarm on a 1997 Maxima?

If your 97 Nissan Maxima's alarm is like mine, put your key in the driver's side door and "unlock" the car. The alarm will only go off if the other three doors have been locked (driver's side door remains unlocked) and you have closed the door and left the car alone for 30 seconds or more. Then when the driver's side door is opened again the alarm goes off.

Can you use a 30 amp disconnect switch for a 30 kva transformer?

im have a 30 kva transformer 3 phase 480v 80 amp panel 120v what size disconnect should I use

What are the release dates for Disconnect - 2005?

Disconnect - 2005 was released on: USA: 30 November 2005 (L3FTB3H1ND)

Reset check engine light 1997 Toyota landcruiser?

You can disconnect the battery for about 30 minutes then reconnect. This may solve the problem. You will need to reset the time etc in the car.

What kind of oil does a 2005 Acura RSX use?

5w 30

What kinda of oil does a 91 Acura Integra take?

5w 30

How do you reset the check engine and ABS light?

On most new car, you can disconnect the negative cable on the battery for about 30 second but make sure that you have the radio code secured if you are working in a Honda or any car that have an anti theft system.

Which Oil for a Acura CL 3.2 type s?

5w-30 or 10w-30 full synthetic oil.

What Are the standard size disconnect up to 600 amp?

The standards disconnect starts from 30, 60, 100, 200, 400, 600.

How do you disconnect your alarm on your mark 4 VW golf?

The alarm system is integrated into the Comfort Control Module and cannot be disabled, it is behind the dash under and to the left of the steering column I believe. there are two electrical connectors going to it. one is the main harness for all the interior electronics and such. Then there is a smaller connector which the alarm portion of the module uses to flash the lights and sound the horn. This plug can be disconnected with no ill effects. The alarm will essentially be "disabled" but you will still hear a clicking coming from a relay in the Comfort Module anytime the alarm would usually sound, usually lasting for 30 seconds.

Can you use 5w-20 in place of 5w -30 oil in Acura TSX?

Use exactly what Acura recommends and nothing else.

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