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You may not want to disconnect the alarm system. It is connected to many other area's within the vehicle for thieft protection. If your alarm goes off when the car is not in use at various times during the day then that is another issue. I visited the dealer today and prodded the mechanic with a bunch of questions. The main reason for the alarm to trigger in most cases is the sensor in the trunk lid. You have to take off the covering on the inside of the trunk lid. There should be two wires. One should be for the trunk lid to open electronically the other for the alarm system. (Sorry I don't know which wire is for what function). If it is possible to disconnect one at a time to determine it's functionality, then try that. If you like to take chances, disconnect both wires. The only real problem you would encounter is that you would have to use your key to open the trunk instead of opening it with the FOB. I haven't tried any of this yet but I will be giving it a try real soon. If you choose not to go this route the cost of running dionostics and getting it repaired is about $85 at the dealership.

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Q: How do you disconnect the alarm system of a 1997 Lincoln Continental and still have the car turn on?
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Does 2000 Lincoln Continental alarm system have a fuse?

What is your problem? Is it because the alarm goes off for no reason? If it is I had the same problem and can help you.

Can you permanently disconnect the alarm system on a 1994 Lincoln Mark VIII?

Yes, cut the red wire.

How can you disconnect alarm system Nissan quest 2005?

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How do you disconnect the alarm system on a 1995 Toyota Tercel?

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Why won't exterior lights flash when locking and unlocking Lincoln continental mark viii?

Something wrong with your alarm system, like not working maybe.

Why does a 1999 Lincoln Continental have its anti-theft alarm go off on a hot day?

The likely reason why the alarm in a 1999 Lincoln Continental goes off on hot days is because warm air flow triggers the sensors. You can deactivate the alarm by unlocking the car.

How can you disable just the audible part of the alarm system in a 1997 Volvo V70?

Disconnect the alarm horn !

How do you reset anti theft alarm on 1998 Lincoln Continental?

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How do you disconnect the alarm system for a 1998 Plymouth Van?

The factory alarm is built into the Body Computer. It is not possible to unhook it.

How do I reset alarm on my 1985 BMW 593i when changing battery?

Some alarms systems have a protection function which will prevent starting the engine is somebody tried disconnect the battery and connect it again. Also what might happen is that your alarm system doesn't have memory in the case if you disconnect the battery. Thus, if you do disconnect the battery it will reset the alarm system to the default factory settings. By default, the alarm system will block starting the engine.

How can you disconnect alarm on 2005 durango?

You can not disconnect the factory alarm, it is built into the computers.

Where is the fuse to disconnect the security system in a 1996 jeep larado?

There is no individual alarm fuse. The alarm is built in with the body computer.

How do you disconnect the car alarm system on a 1994 Chrysler LeBaron Convertible?

The factory alarm can not be unhooked or disabled.The factory alarm can not be unhooked or disabled.

1995 Lincoln Continental won't start after antitheft alarm sounded for no reason?

If you have a remote that locks & unlocks your antitheft system it could be as simple as resetting your remote, I had a similar experience.

How you disable anti theft alarm manually on Ford Explorer 1996?

how to disconnect the factory alarm system on a 96 ford explorer

Where is the alarm on 97 jeep grand Cherokee limited and how do you disconnect the alarm?

It is an integral part of the computer system and can not be removed.It is an integral part of the computer system and can not be removed.

How do you disconnect the alarm system in a 1996 ford windstar?

green light whit key flashing and not star

Can a security guard disconnect the alarm system if he feels like it?

No they can't because it puts everyone in danger

How do you disconnect the alarm system in a 1987 Nissan 200sx?

Under the front passenger seat, there is an electrical harness. Simply unplug the connection. This should disable the alarm.

How do you disconnect the fuse for a 2001 town and country security system?

The factory alarm does not have individual fuses. The engine and body computers both control portions of the alarm.

How do you connect your radio to your car alarm siren?

you can but, you need to open the siren of your alarm system and disconnect the chip inside. then reconnect that to a voice amp or your stereo, simple as that.

If you disconnect the BMW 530 battery will the alarm go off?

If you set the alarm (i.e. lock the car) and then disconnect the battery, the alarm will go off. If you disconnect the battery when the alarm is not set (i.e. when the car is unlocked) the alarm will not go off. (So don't try to nick a locked one).

How do you disconnect car alarm for 1999 Chrysler 300m?

You can disconnect your 1999 Chrysler 300 car alarm by removing the car alarm fuse. The car alarm fuse can be found in the fuse box.

How to disconnect an alarm system in a 1997 Pontiac Grand Prix?

in the fuse box, find the controlling fuse, if the fuse handles only the alarm then pull it. There should be an inline fuse that can be disconnect. This way you can always put it back easily.

How do you override alarm in 96 Lincoln mark 8?

The brute force method of overriding the alarm in a 1996 Lincoln Mark 8 would be to open the hood and disconnect the battery. Alternatively, wait for the alarm to stop by itself, then unlock the door with your original key. However, the alarm system can also shutdown the fuel pump and the ignition module. Hence your car may be deactivated even if you manage to gain access. Thus, it is necessary to start the car with your original key and let the system verify the embedded passkey. This should reset all sensors to normal.