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How do you disconnect the fuel lines to the fuel rail on a 1994 Grand AM?

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You will need the Chrysler fuel line disconnect tool set. Go to auto zone or some where and rent one. Usually you get your money back. Then slide the tool in and the lines should then come apart. Open the fuel cap first to vent some of the pressure if not done already. Good luck.

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You need a fuel line disconnect tool. No way to do it without one.

Remove the fuel pump fuse. Disconnect the wiring then the fuel lines. unbolt the pump and replace. Reverse the procedure to finish installation.

Its called a Quick-disconnect tool its like 10-15$ at a parts store

Disconnect fill hose, drain the fuel, disconnect wires and fuel lines, vent lines, support tank with a floor jack, unbolt fuel tank straps, lower tank.

trace fuel lines to filter, disconnect lines from filter, fit lines to new filter

fuel tank capacity on 1994 Grand caravan is 77 litres.

Where is the fuel pump relay switch located on a 1994 Grand Am SE

The fuel lines disconnect at the tank and yes there is a tool required. You can get it at advanced or discount auto for a couple of bucks.

buy a fuel Quick disconnect tool. They make cheap plastic ones, and slightly more expensive metal ones

ford fuel line disconnect tool. available at your local auto parts store.

Ford fuel lines use a unique line coupler. You'll need to purchase a disconnect tool, but fortunately they are relatively inexpensive and can be purchased at most auto parts retailers.

Go to your local auto parts house and buy the special tool for ford quick discaonnect fuel lines.

The fuel pressure regulator on a 1994 Jeep Grand Cherokee is part of the pump module in the fuel tank.

Drop the fuel tank down, disconnect the fuel lines


1. Relieve fuel system pressure. 2. Disconnect the negative bat. terminal. 3. Disconnect the fuel lines and the return lines. 4. Disconnect the PCV hose between the intake plenum and cylinder head cover. 5. Disconnect the vacuum line at the fuel pressure regulator. 6. Disconnect the fuel pressure wiring harness. 7. Remove the fuel rail mounting bolts.. 8. Disconnect the fuel rail and with a rocking pulling motion. 9. Detatch the fuel injectors from the rail by: a. Disconnect the injector electrical connection from the injectors. b. Remove the injector retaining clilps. c. Pull the inector out of the fuel rail with a rocking motion.

disconnect the fuel lines, supply and return, and vapor line and disconnect electrical connector and drop the gas tank. Drain it first.

I need the fuel pump diagram of the fuel lines to connect

The Regulator for a 1994 Deville is mounted on the fuel rail. Disconnect the battery, then relieve fuel pressure. Remove the vacuum line from the regulator and unscrew it to replace.

Disconnect negative cable from battery, relieve fuel pressure, disconnect throttle cable, disconnect fuel lines, disconnect any vacuum lines, disconnect electrical plugs, remove bolts holding throttle body, lift off throttle body, remove damaged gasket, clean area, replace in reverse order.

It's on the end of the fuel rail near where the fuel lines attach.

# Relieve the fuel pressure # Disconnect the negative battery cable # Siphon the fuel out of the tank as much as possible # Raise the car and support it securely on jackstands # Disconnect the exhaust rubber hangers and allow the rear portion of the exhaust system to rest on the rear axle # Disconnect the fuel filler hose and vapor lines fromthe fuel tank # Disconnect the fuel feed and return lines and the vapor return line from the fuel pump # Disconnect the bolts from the fuel filler neck.Angle the filler neck down and away from the tank and remove it from the car # Support the fuel tank with a floor jack # Disconnect both fuel tank retaining straps # Lower the tank enough to disconnect the electrical connectors from the fuel pump/fuel level sending unit,and the fuel tank pressure sensor # Remove the tank from the car

1. Disconnect the negative battery terminal. 2. Take the bottom cushion out of the rear seat. 3. Open the access cover to the fuel tank. 4. Disconnect the wiring and fuel lines. 5. Using a wooden dowel knock the lock ring counterclockwise to take it off. 6. Lift out the fuel pump assembly.

Use a fuel/AC quick disconnect tool to remove fuel lines from filter. Plug fuel lines as they removed to reduce amount of fuel spilt. Remove 1/2" nut, located on outside of frame, that holds filter retaining clip inplace. Exchange filters and reattach retaining clip. Use quick disconnect tool to reattach fuel lines.

Two fuel lines, one supply and one return. The third line is a vent line.

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