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Even when you are boyfriend/girlfriend there is a code of honesty and trust that goes along with that and it appears she isn't practicing it, or you're too jealous. If she just met a good male friend at a party and starts to talk to him and you get jealous you need professional help! If she is flirting and giving other guys ideas that she is ready, willing and able even though they know you are her boyfriend you need to voice your opinion on this and tell her to clean up her act or get out!

2006-08-26 08:34:00
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Q: How do you discuss your feelings of jealousy when you see your girlfriend is with another guy?
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When your girlfriend is talking to another guy she says is just a friend would she be cheating on you?

Do you have friends who are girls? Are you cheating with them? A healthy relationship relies on trust, as well as on a reasonable circle of friends. If your girlfriend is talking to another guy and this indicates to you she is cheating you need to look carefully at your feelings here. Do you believe every man your girl talks to is a rival, or is there something about this particular man that bothers you? If the latter is the case, discuss it with your girl in an open and friendly manner. Otherwise, try to keep your feelings of jealousy in check.

Is it ok for me to feel like my girlfriend doesn't trust me?

It is OK for you to feel like your girlfriend doesn't trust you. You are entitled to your own feelings and if that is what you feel,that is fine. However, you should discuss your feelings with your girlfriend if they are making you feel bad.

How do you deal with a girlfriend that constantly interrupts while talking?

Well In my opinion I would talk to her quietly in another a room with candles, and discuss your true feelings, if she interupts stop and wait for her to finish then explain how this is what you dont like.

Is there a Psalm or proverbs about jealousy?

Proverbs 6:34 and 27:4 discuss the consequences of human jealousy. Psalm 37:7-8 is about overcoming jealousy.

What Activity should I do with my girlfriend?

You can go on a date, visit key places together. You can as well sit and discuss the future, your feelings, love life and anything concerns you guys.

What do you do if your parents are divorced and you don't see the other parent as often as you should?

You should discuss your feelings with your parents to see if they can and will agree to modify the visitation agreement.You should discuss your feelings with your parents to see if they can and will agree to modify the visitation agreement.You should discuss your feelings with your parents to see if they can and will agree to modify the visitation agreement.You should discuss your feelings with your parents to see if they can and will agree to modify the visitation agreement.

Is it okay for your girlfriend to work for her ex boyfriend?

If it okay for your girlfriend to work for her ex boyfriend as long as both of them have truly moved on, and as long as you feel okay about it. If you feel that them working together will cause issues, you should be honest and discuss your feelings with her.

How can you tell if you girlfriend has feelings for her ex?

This is something you should actually discuss with her as it will define the outcome of your relationship. There is no sense dragging things on, stressing yourself out wondering and looking for signs when you can just calmy talk with her.

The duke did not discuss his feelings with the duchess because he?

felt that to do so would be beneath him

When people read the same book an then meet to discuss it what is it called?

A book club is what people are a part of when they read the same book and then later meet to discuss their feelings about it.

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To be able to discuss feelings of a person from the past we need to have some sort of written statement or letter. We can only guess feelings.

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the ritual of feelings

Why does a guy not want to discuss his feelings?

Basically because he is a man and that is not what men do. They think that is a "woman thing"

How do i tell my boyfriend how much i want him?

Discuss your common likes and dislikes. Tell him your honest feelings.

How do you get your girlfriend back because of fear of showing your feelings?

There are many men of all ages who find it difficult to show their true feelings and it's a fear that they will be looked upon as weak when they should be the protector of the woman they love. Most women are more the romantics; are more open and social and talk to their friends more opening than men do. Men have been taught to not cry; share their feelings and be the stronger sex, but again during these modern times it is very acceptable for a man to open up to his girlfriend or wife and even cry if he needs to and most women respect that and want to help the man they love. You could save your relationship with your ex girlfriend by taking some time out for yourself and asking yourself why you are fearful of expressing your love towards her. You could have been hurt by a former girlfriend or, perhaps your parents are divorced and you are afraid if you get too close to your girlfriend that the relationship will not work out. A wise man or woman knows that their very best friend should be the partner they choose and therefore they should be able to discuss anything that bothers them and find a solution to their problem. If you really love your ex girlfriend and you have taken time out to think of why you fear sharing your feelings then get in touch with her and meet her somewhere and discuss those feelings with her. You will be amazed what a load it is off your shoulders to tell someone you love; respect and trust some of your feelings. Take one baby step after the other until it gets easier for you. People who do not express their feelings can end up depressed or generally not feeling well.

How do you ask a girl to give you head?

You don't. Discuss the subject with her first and find out her feelings about it. If and when the time is right (for her) she will.

Can you sue your husbands girlfriend in Washington state?

You should contact an attorney to discuss your special circumstances.

What can I do if I got my girlfriend pregnant?

You will have to deal with it as a family. Get your parents together and all of you discuss how you are going to deal with it.

How do you impress your girlfriend?

You should tell her every once in a while you like her hair or her clothes or anything you notice is different. She will always like a boy who notices something a regular boy wouldn't notice. Compliment her intelligence and engage her in interesting conversations. Get interested in the things she enjoys so that you can do them with her or discuss them with her. Women and girls like people with whom they can have fun, be honest, and discuss their thoughts and feelings with.

How can you dicuss what you did or didn't like without hurting their feelings?

Just discuss it with them ask what they liked or didn't like first then say what you liked or didn't like it shouldn't hurt their feelings

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Hitler famously used propaganda to manipulate people's feelings and arouse feelings of anti Semitism and nationalism. He emphasized national identity and German pride in his speeches to carry this out.

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Discuss is another word for consult.

What another way to say to talk over?


What do you do if you think your best mate fancies your girlfriend?

Ask his mother out for coffee to discuss the situation and then make your move.

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The only person that HR can ethically discuss your salary with is your boss, in the case of determining a raise. To discuss your salary with other employees is not appropriate.