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This happened to me a few weeks ago. The state police should have it towed away at the owner's expense. The vehicle belonged to a company that was left at my house, but they could not identify the driver, it didn't cost me anything.

The actual law and procedure vary from one state to another. In many states the police have absolutely no jurisdiction to remove a car from private property, if the car is not creating an immediate hazard or in connection with a criminal investigation.

In those cases, you would need to follow state law. For example: you may need to make an attempt to identify the owner and to contact the owner to remove the property, document your attempts, post a proper notice on the property stating what is about to happen to it, wait some specified number of days, notify the police to make sure the car is not on any "wanted" list, then arrange to have an auction of the vehicle or to have it removed privately for auction by someone with an auctioneer's license, etc.

There are other states where you would actually need a court order before you could tamper with someone else's car that was left on your property.

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Q: How do you dispose of a car abandoned on your property?
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Can you remove someones personal property left at your apartment?

The laws for how to handle and/or dispose of so-called "abandoned property" vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. Contact your local authories and ask what you have to do to consider it "abandoned."

Can you charge a storage fee on personal belongings left in your home for over six years?

No . Not unless the owner agreed in writing to pay storage fees. You can check the laws for abandoned property in your state. You may find that you have the right to dispose of the property after six years of free storage.No . Not unless the owner agreed in writing to pay storage fees. You can check the laws for abandoned property in your state. You may find that you have the right to dispose of the property after six years of free storage.No . Not unless the owner agreed in writing to pay storage fees. You can check the laws for abandoned property in your state. You may find that you have the right to dispose of the property after six years of free storage.No . Not unless the owner agreed in writing to pay storage fees. You can check the laws for abandoned property in your state. You may find that you have the right to dispose of the property after six years of free storage.

How can you get a title that was abandoned on your property in Oklahoma?

Yes, it is possible. You need to contact your local Police Department. The car may have been stolen and abandoned on your property.

What can be done about abandoned bulldozer by contractor on your house lot for four months in NH?

Check with your local authorities to determine what constitutes abandoned property where you reside. Send the contractor a certified/return receipt letter advising him to remove the equipment by a certain date,or you will treat it as abandoned property and dispose of it.

An abandoned car was left on your property how can you get rid of it in Ohio?

Call the police and report the car. They will tow it.

What are the laws for a landlord throwing away inventory without notice?

If your lease is over :the day it ends the Landlord may throw your inventory away or sell it or anything else as the day your Lease ran out it became abandoned property Storage of property:If your inventory is stored outside of the area you have leased it is abandoned property and may be disposed of without notice If you discontinue paying for a storage area or container it does not become abandoned property for a fixed period as set by law in your area. In mine 90 days from last payment for storage your property may be disposed of. No notice required, it is your responsibility to keep up.If the Landlord removes your property from an area leased by you and you are up to date on your rent then he should not be able to dispose of any of your property.BUTIf you or him are legally ordered to clean up or dispose of property on a property this will be binding on you as well as the landlord. If you don't cooperate the landlord is required to dispose of your property.

How to Obtain title to abandoned car on someone else's property in New Jersey?

It is an someone's else's abandoned car on someone else's property, and you are trying to get it.Very bad idea. Leave it alone. Get envolved with this car and you are just asking for trouble. Turn around walk away and forget this car.

A car was abandoned on rental property when renter died and the property owner gave the car to me. How do I get a certificate of title?

You must ask at your local Department of Motor vehicles.

In the state of New Jersey what is the process to remove abandoned personal property after eviction?

Possession of premises must be handed back to the landlord in order to dispose abandoned personal property. This can be done either through a written notice from the tenant stating voluntary surrender or through filing an eviction action.

How does one dispose of junk snowmobiles on private property They are abandoned and unregistered. ?

I would try your local restaurant depo that is located in New York and New Jersey which offers coal in wholesale.

How long until personal property is considered abandoned?

it is abandoned when you get tired of it

Criminal trespassing of private property but abandoned apartment -law pertaing to this in tx?

No property is really EVER abandoned. All property is owned by SOMEBODY. It may be empty and even look derelict - but it is NEVER abandoned.

how can i dispose of an old car. ?

You can take an old car to a salvage yard to dispose of it and earn some extra cash.

When can a landlord take possession of an abandoned property?

If he knows for sure the property is abandoned he may repossess it immediatley, if he is uncertain he can get an order of repossesion.

What is considered abandoned personal property in Nevada?

Any property that is not currently being maintained is considered abandoned personal property in Nevada. Anything can happen to this material if not claimed.

When someone dies and the rental is abandoned what do you do with the personal property?

There are specific laws in each state about abandoned property. After a certain period of time you can sell the property and put the money into escrow for the estate.

If your father abandoned his car on your property how can you get the title?

Dude. Call the local tag office and ask them. They will tell you that you will need the title signed over to you.

How do I legally take ownership of an abandoned car in an abandoned backyard when I can't find the owner?

Abandond property is free for the taking, so you can just take it. Double check with your local sherriffs dept or police dept just to be sure, but i am 99.99 percent positive that abandond property can be claimed by whomever comes across it. go to the dmv and file a lien on the car

After the repo how do you dispose of the personal property?

Simple call the person up and tell them to come get their property.

How long till landlord can dispose of tenants property in Florida?

In Florida when a tenant has been removed from a home after an eviction proceeding, when the property is returned to the landlord by the sheriff deputy who does this, the property and everything in it becomes the property of the landlord. He can dispose of it any way he sees fit.

Car on your property for four months is it legally mine?

The salvage laws vary by country but generaly large items such as a car need to be abandoned for a year before they can be claimed by someone else.

What is an abandoned vehicle in Pittsburgh PA?

Pennsylvania classifies an abandoned vehicle as any vehicle that has been left unattended on highway or public property for 48 hours. Vehicles that are left on private property for 24 hours without the property owner's consent are also considered abandoned.

How can i legally take ownership of a trailer abandoned on my property?

If it has been abandoned then you may claim it by right of salvage.

How do you get an abandoned car?

Do you mean how do you buy an abandoned car or how do you find an abandoned car?? You can buy an abandoned car thru a car auction...find the nearest place by googleing for a auction house nearest you or calling some used car lots if there is not a listing. How do you find an abandoned car?? First call the police and file a report. They will give you the name of one or two (if not more) towing companies that picked up the cars and store them. You can call around, find the car and go redeem it. Good luck!

Where can I legally dispose of old oil after an oil change for my car?

You can dispose them at any oil and gas stations