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Answer: VERY CAREFULLY! Beyond that what you want to do is add Soda Ash to the solution that you mixed up. For every 16 oz of Muriatic acid use about 3 lbs of Soda Ash. Soda Ash is also know as pH rise, pH increaser, pH Plus, Sodium Carbonate, Balance Pak 200, and any thing that it is used specifically to increase the pH level in swimming pool water. ONLY USE A PRODCUT SPECIFICLY DESIGNED FOR THIS PURPOSE. NEVER MIX CHLORINE AND MURIATIC ACID TOGETHER IF THE EXPLOSION DOES NOT KILL YOU THE CHLORINE GAS WILL. Once the Soda Ash has done its thing you can safely pour the solution on the ground and hose it down with fresh water. PH the particulates in the acid are now large enough to stay in your filter and not back on your salt cell. Why waste when you get to the large stuff at the bottom of the container fill it back up with water and pour it down the drain.

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Q: How do you dispose of muriatic acid that has been diluted to 1 part acid to 4 parts water that was used to clean a clogged saltwater cell chlorinator?
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You have iron stains on your bathroom tiles Can you use Muriatic Acid and if so how diluted should it be?

yes because

Do you have to use sulfuric acid to clean out a sewer pipe or can you use muriatic acid?

= sulfuric acid VERY rare but it is used and with lots of caution... Muriatic acid DILUTED for concrete cleaning etc. =

Can muriatic acid remove cat odors from concrete?

Although muriatic acid is effective at removing cat odors from cement it is a very dangerous acid. Diluted with water, it makes an effective cleaner for cement.

A diluted saltwater solution that is naturally found in cells is called?

The name of this solution is cytoplasm.

How to clean brick walls with calcium deposit formation?

Use diluted muriatic acid. Follow all of the instructions on the label to the letter. Muriatic acid is very dangerous and will cause severe burns if not used properly.

How do you remove effervescent from terracotta tiles?

Use diluted muriatic acid and a scrub brush to remove efflorescence. Neutralize with water or ammonia.

What can be done for a cat that cleaned itself after walking in diluted muriatic acid?

Since cats groom themselves often GET YOUR CAT TO THE VETS NOW!

Can you use muratic acid to clean slate?

You may use muriatic acid to clean tile or slate floors if you encounter stains on them. It will need to be diluted in order to be useful.

How do you remove efflorescence from brickwork?

Diluted muriatic acid will do the trick. Follow the instructions on the bottle to the letter, however, because this is some dangerous stuff. Any home center will have it.

Did you lose your shock if you backwashed 1 hr after shocking?

The shock in your pool will be completely diluted within minutes. Shock is just a super chlorinator so you can test your water to see what chlorine level you have achieved

What to do if Muriatic acid gets into mouth?

It's hydrochloric acid, which is the corrosive part of stomach acid. If it's not diluted, it'll dissolve the inside of your mouth. In other words, you're f--ked.

Muriatic acid in aquaponics?

Muriatic acid is commonly used in aquaponics, particularly in regions with very hard water and high PH. It takes very little; 3 oz will bring 55 gals of water down from 8.4 to 6.9. Never add it straight to a tank with fish. Always dilute it first, then add the diluted water.

Will muriatic acid kill fleas?

Yes, muriatic acid can kill fleas. The product in question also carries the name hydrochloric acid and represents an extreme measure that is unfriendly to people, pets, places and wildlife. Fleas respond to such gentler measures as cedar chips; diluted salt, soap or vinegar sprays; and essential cedarwood, eucalyptus, lavendar, lemongrass and peppermint oils.

Can muriatic acid be used in PVC pipes?

Yes, although some damage to the pipes may occur after prolonged exposure. If you can rinse the pipes with water while not actively using the muriatic acid (which is just hydrochloric acid) it would probably be fine. Also, if the muriatic acid is already diluted before passing through the pipes, it will definitely be fine. The resistance to concentrated hydrochloric acid is rated as "good," but its resistance to dilute solution is rated "excellent."See the Web Links to the left for a chart of chemical resistance for PVC.

What is hydrochrloric acid?

It is a very strong acid whose molecule consists of one hydrogen atom and one choline atom. It is also called hydrogen chloride. The name of 33% hydrochloric acid is muriatic acid. It is normally diluted with water.

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How do you remove rust stains on a roof?

Oxalic or Muriatic Acid diluted with water will remove rust stains from a roof. Here in Tampa, Muriatic Acid is common, used for swimming pools. Diluted 1 part acid to 4 parts water, it will remove rust stains off a roof. Plain Vinegar is a mild acid, and should be tried first! You may have to apply several applications of it, but we here at Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa suggest you try it first ? More roof rust stain removal info may be had by going here

Which one of the following statements about sulfuric acid is correct A Sulfuric acid is a known muriatic acid B Sulfuric acid is a strong oxidizing agent C Sulfuric acid has little effect on met?

Sulfuric acid is:NOT muriatic acid, 'cause that is the old name for hydrochloric acid (HCl)strongly oxidizing ONLY when concentrated, not in diluted form![Don't know about 'met', don't use acronyms]

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