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Put A 12 Volt Solenoid Valve In The Front Brake Line At The Master Cylinder, & A Switch Inside The Car. Push Hard On The Brake Pedal, Turn On The Valve+++Which Will Lock The Front Wheels. Torque Up, Let Off The Brake Pedal. You Will Do A Great Burn, If You Have The HP. Be Sure To Flip Off The Switch When You Are Ready To Roll. I Strongly Recommend That You Do Not Do This. You Can Hurt People, Wreck Your Vehicle, Ruin Your Life, Go To Jail, ECT. PLAY IT BY THE BOOK++++++ DRIVE YOUR CAR TO GET AROUND IN< NOT TO SHOW OFF !!!!!!!

2006-09-12 02:24:04
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Q: How do you do spin the rear wheels without moving the actual car in a standard transmission Basiclly a break stand in a standard transmission?
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How do you calculate the actual labor rate when the standard rate is not given?

The actual rate is the total dollars divided by total hours or pieces. The actual formula is not dependant on any standard rate. The rate variance, however, cannot be determined without the standard rate. The rate variance is the difference between actual rate and standard rate.

What type of transmission fluid does a Ford 1966 mustang 6 cylinder with a 3 speed manual transmission use?

80W Standard transmission lubricant R139-B. Actual part Ford part number C3RZ 19C547-B

What is difference between air standard cycle and actual standard cycle?

air standard cycle is theoretical cycle and actual cycle is .................

The difference between actual and standard cost caused by the difference between the actual quantity and the standard quantity is called the?

The difference between actual quantity and standard quantity is called the material quantity variance.

How do you shift a 10 speed transmission truck?

I'd recommend you go to a truck driving school, even if you already have a CDL. If you try going about this without any actual training, you're likely to destroy that transmission.

When computing standard cost variances the difference between actual and standard price multiplied by actual quantity yields what?

Price Variance

Distinction between standard costing and actual costing?

Standard costing is process of determining the standard price require to produce one unit of product while actual costing system uses the actual prices of manufacturing one unit of product.

Difference between air standard and actual cycle?

The air standard is and estimate and is usually greater than the actual cycle due to various losses that occur during the actual engine operation.

What is the Direct labor efficiency variance formula?

(actual time * standard rate) - (standard time * standard rate)

Where does transmission fluid leak from?

Transmission fluid can leak from many places. It could leak from the actual transmission itself, or any of the tubing that goes from the transmission to other parts of the car.

The RPM gauge keeps jumping in 2000 Mazda B2500 What is the problem?

If it's just the gauge jumping and there is no actual increase in RPM, then the gauge or the pickup is faulty. If the RPM is actually climbing as you drive, your transmission could be gearing down or your transmission is slipping under load, automatic or standard.

Is Standard Cost same as actual cost?

Standard cost is that cost which is budgeted at start of production while actual cost is that cost which actually incurred by business both of them can be same if actual cost incurred is same as allocated or determined in budgeting process using standard cost otherwise there will be difference.

What is favourable variance?

A favorable variance is the difference between the budgeted or standard cost and the actual cost. If the actual cost is less than budgeted or standard cost, it is a favorable variance.

What is cost price variances?

Price variance is the actual unit cost minus the standard unit cost, multiplied by the actual quantity purchased. The variance is said to be unfavorable if the actual price of the materials is higher than the standard price of the materials.

What is the function of the oscillator in a cw transmitter?

It is the engine of the transmission system. It determines the frequency of where the CW transmission happens. CW transmission is the most efficient form of transmission. The majoity of power in this system is used for actual transmission and not for modulating a signal.

Calculate variances from the following data no of men employed standard 100 actual 90 output in units standard 5000 actual 4800 no of working days in a month standard 20 actual 18 avg?

standard actual n.o of men employed 100 90 output in units 5000 4800 no. of working days in a month 20 18 avg.wages per men per month rs.200 rs.198

What is the correct spelling of the plural form of employee Is it with an s or as the singular form is Not the Webster's grammar the actual Queen's English?

Without consulting the Queen, standard English usage is "employees".

Which transmission is better in the Honda CR-V cable or electronic?

It is likely that a cable transmission would be better overall. An electronic transmission does not have a direct connection to the actual gears.

What is the legal time limit between arrest and trial?

There is no actual hourly time limit set by statute or court ruling that I am aware of. But, "without undue delay" seems to be the accepted standard.

Comparing actual costs with standard costs is known as?

variancce analysis

What is the actual size of a standard master bedroom?

12 x 14

What is the difference between the standard volume and gross volume?

Gross volume is the volume at actual condition whereas standard volume is at standard Pressure/Temperature condition.

What does a debit balance in the labor efficiency variance account indicate?

a debit balance in the labor efficiency variance account indicates that actual rate and actual hours exceed standard rates and standard hours

How do you calculate Total revenue variance?

total revenue variance = actual revenue - standard revenue Total revenue variance (AQ x AP) - (SQ x SP) where AQ is actual quantity (units of service sold), AP is actual price (actually recorded as revenue), SQ is standard quantity, and SP is standard price

Importance of standard costing?

A valuable management tool, standard costing is part of cost accounting. Rather than using actual costs for direct material, labor and manufacturing overhead, standard costs are used to easily track variances and estimate profit.Though actual costs are still paid, standard costing is often used for inventories and cost of goods sold. The difference between standard and actual costs are known as variances. These variances are what make standard costing such a valuable practice for management. Management can quickly become aware of changes in budgeted costs by tracking the variances.When standard costing is used, you will often hear the terms unfavorable or favorable variance. This refers to changes in actual costs in relation to planned or standard costs. A favorable variance takes place when actual costs dip below standard costs. Conversely, if actual costs rise above standards, the variance is unfavorable.In regards to manufacturing companies, standard costs would first be seen as individual parts or pieces of the finished product. This means that the final standard cost will be the sum of the standard costs of each of the individual pieces of the product.