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If this is regarding a clogged A/C condensation drain hose here is what I did to fix my 1993 Caprice Wagon last summer. I have a 1993 Caprice Classic Wagon and had the same problem last summer when after taking it (the dash under and behind the glove box) apart found that the A/C Evaporator was clogged up which I am sure clogged the A/C drain. They both were clogged with dirt and goo/grime that had collected on it after so many years/periods of sweating (condensation) from the hot and cold process. I believe that when the A/C system is in full recirculate mode, the system picks up dirt and grime from inside the car and sucks it up mixes/attaches it on the outer area of the fins (like a radiator) of the condensor. In lieu of replacing the condensor, I was able to take a paint scraper and BBQ grill prush, old tooth brush, WD40 to disolve the goo and carefully clean the fins and removed the grime from the condensor housing area. This is related to the drain for the A/C that flows through a 90 degree rubber hose that fits over the drain coming out of the right side (passenger side) of the firewall of the car. I removed the short 90 degree hose and went to Home Depot and bought some clear rubber tubing (about 3-4 feet of it = cheap) attached it to the plastic drain end in the engine bay and actually blew back into the condensor box under the dash and then sucked on the tube to get the crud out. I did not injest it but by blowing in the tube it moved the crud away from the passasge way of the drain and allowed it to flow out with the trapped water (old condensation). I then removed the tube and took a long piece of substantial wire and pushed it into the drain followed by a bottle brush. It is a pain but it will eventually clean itself out and you will get the drainage where it belongs (out in the engine bay and not on the carpet inside the on the passenger side) . Hope this helps, I could not get any A/C air flow until I looked on the internet last summer and took the action to clean the condensor and then the drain. This is evidently a problem with this model of Chevy. The other option of course is to replace the condensor completely but it was worth the effort and now my A/C and airflow are now 100% and cold as ice - just drove it back from Phoenx, AZ last weekend. Be patient as you work this if this is the detail that you need to get into. Good Luck, John, Springfield, VA

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Q: How do you drain a clogged ac hose on a 92 Chevy Caprice?
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