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How do you drain fuel tank on 2002 Cavalier when tank will not allow siphon hose to go all the way in?

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I would start by locating the fuel pipe to the injection or carburettor. Disconnect it and to prove it is the right one you could very quickly turn the ignition on (if it is an injection model, fuel should flow) - make sure that any fuel which is pumped, can SAFELY be contained - in a small necked bottle for example. If you have a carburettor model, you will need to crank the engine before any fuel is pumped, the engine could well start so disconnectiong the central wire from the distributor will prevent this. Safety is an important aspect here, dont smoke whilst doing it, make sure the engine is cold too, and any fuel pumped must be caught in a container.

Once you have located the fuel pipe, you can the begin to drain the tank.

Ideally you should remove the tank to drain it thoroughly - but you can also do this by disconnecting the aforementioned fuel pipe and raising the rear of the car as high as SAFELY possible with ramps or a jack and axle stands. You will probably need to attach a further length of pipe to the fuel pipe to enable the end of it to be lower than the fuel tank, this should allow for syphoning from the fuel pipe instead of feeding a pipe into the tank through the filler cap.

2011-10-20 17:02:29
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