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It is not easy. You must use a Tech 2 programming tool, and the code is used during the Installation process.

In ZC, fitting a raid from new is a three step process.

1. the Radio head is installed and recognised by the vehicle ecu

2. The Display screen is installed and recognised by the vehicle ecu

3. The radio and screen are 'married' together.

All these steps are complex and must be some using the correct sequence of inputs.

If you want to change one unit, you MUST first 'divorce' the radio and screen with Tech 2, other wise you can never install the new unit. The new component must go through the marriage ceremony to be recognised and working. The radio code input is one of the marriage steps.

Even with trained operators, the Tech 2 install time for a radio and screen at the factory was 25 minutes.


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its in the owners manuel it is not very hard.

Use your radio Pre-Set channel to enter code

on the comand for radio enter your code

Press and hold AS button, enter PIN code, press and hold AS button again To enter the PIN code, depress the 1 button until you get the correct number. Repeat using buttons 2 3 and 4.

how do i get a radio code for a 2003 outlander

Turn the radio off, press AS and hold, press on button. 7safe comes up but leave it in n this mode for about 10 minutes or so then as if by magic the code - - - - comes up. Enter code as normal and radio ok. woot :-)

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You have 1992 VW Jetta with Heidelberg radio how do you enter radio code

Enter the code with the preset buttons on the radio.

Use the radio preset buttons to enter the code after turning the ignition on.

If you are asking about the radio unlock code you enter it with the radio preset buttons.

You enter the code using the radio preset buttons.

To enter the radio code into your Nissan you need to turn your car to the accessories position. Then once the radio stops playing press the 4 button and the option will come up to enter your code.

if you don't have the code you can take it to a dealer and they can pull the radio and tell you the code. if you know the code simply enter it with the number keys.

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How do I get my BMW radio to work again!the radio has been locked up for about 2yrs! It's been waiting for code, now I have it now! How do get to work! How do I enter the code!

using the numbers on your radio, press 3693 if that is the code

There should be a small sticker on the inside of the glove box with a 5 digit code on it. Enter this using the radio station keys. It should clear the "code" message and make the radio work.

enter the code slowly and push the button for the next station.

You must go to your GMC Dealer. They can get a special code out of your radio then call an 800 number and it'll give them the unlock code. they will then enter that code they receive from the 800 into your radio and it will be unlocked. you might have to prove ownership of vehicle for then to do this - the reason for this is to prevent theft of radios

To enter radio codes for your Nissan Navara D22, check the owner's manual. There will be specific instructions on how to enter your code correctly.

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