How do you enter the radio code for a 2003 ZC Vectra?

It is not easy. You must use a Tech 2 programming tool, and the code is used during the Installation process.

In ZC, fitting a raid from new is a three step process.

1. the Radio head is installed and recognised by the vehicle ecu

2. The Display screen is installed and recognised by the vehicle ecu

3. The radio and screen are 'married' together.

All these steps are complex and must be some using the correct sequence of inputs.

If you want to change one unit, you MUST first 'divorce' the radio and screen with Tech 2, other wise you can never install the new unit. The new component must go through the marriage ceremony to be recognised and working. The radio code input is one of the marriage steps.

Even with trained operators, the Tech 2 install time for a radio and screen at the factory was 25 minutes.