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Your question does not give enough details of your damage. What EXACTLY happened? Water damage includes such things as water pipe breaks & leaks, appliance overflows (washer, A/C drain line), roof leaks, wind-driven rain entering around windows & flashings, surface ground water (flood, seepage).

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Q: How do you fight your insurance for classifying a claim as a water claim when it was not caused by water damage and there was no pay out?
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Can your insurance company not honor your claim for damages caused by non permitted construction?

It depends on the type of damage.

What if someone else drove your car caused damage only to your car can you ask him to claim the damage on his insurance?

The car's insurance would kick in first because YOU gave them permission. Their insurance would pay for whatever is left over.

Does homeowners insurance cover damage to your neighbor's property caused by tree roots from a tree on your property?

I've had a similar issue - I was told to make my neighbour personally liable for any damage and subsequently they can make the claim asked the personal liability section of their house insurance. Thus their house insurance settling my claim for damages

Does a neighbors insurance have to pay you for fire damage to your property caused by your neighbor?

If your neighbor is liable through negligence for causing fire damage to your property you could file a claim on the liability portion of your neighbors insurance policy. If he caused the fire intentionally then his insurance company would not pay for damages as criminal acts are not covered.

Does your home insurance cover damage if you claim for the same damage but with another insurance company before?

good way to get hit with an insurance fraud charge

Your niece drove into your garage door w her car and did 1k damage to the garage should your niece claim it on her auto policy or should you claim it on your home insurance?

Since it was caused by the vehicle, the vehicle insurance should cover it. Most home owners insurance companies would probably make a claim against the auto insurance company, if they covered it.

Does homeowners insurance cover fire damage caused by smoking?

Most policies will cover fire/smoke damage caused by any event other than arson. If the fire was accidental in nature more than likely your insurance company will cover the damage to your home. Call your company and report the claim. If the company does not cover the damage contact an attorney in your local area who specializes in first party insurance law. He/she will be able to help you.

How do you claim auto insurance when you wrecked your car on your property?

It would be an auto claim for the damage to the other and a homeowners claim for the damage to your property. You cannot be liable to yourself, so you cannot claim the property damage on your auto policy.

Can you file an insurance claim with no damage?

Without anything damaged, lost or stolen there is nothing to claim.

Who is responsible for damage to a repossessed car?

The tow company is responsible for damage they did to the vehicle, if they claim they didn't do it you have to prove it and make a claim/sue them, otherwise you need to claim it on your insurance.

Does homeowners insurance cover a leak in the water line in your yard and will insurance cover resulting damage to your foundation and inside walls?

No. Probably not. Unlikely. What caused the leak in the water line? Old age? Ground shift? If and only if the leak was caused by a named peril do you have a chance of making a successful claim for any of the damage.

Can you withdraw a claim from your home insurance?

Yes you can withdraw your claim, but once reported, the damage and the claim filing are still on record.

How do you proceed with insurance in a single car accident with no injuries no property damage just damage to my car?

Call your insurance company and get a claim started.

Can you claim for damage to your gas boiler?

It just counts on what your insurance clam is.

Why is a material damage proviso applied to a business interruption policy?

Before a claim can be allowed, a material damage claim must be admitted. There may be circumstances when the interruption results from damage on another insurance Policy - e.g. a supplier's etc. In this case, it is imperative that the wording is sufficient to react to 'any' material damage caused by an insured peril.

Can you make a claim on your homeowners insurance to cover water damage caused to a neighbor's walls by your live-in boyfriend who is not on the policy?

It depends on the liability part of your policy, which covers problems caused by people in the home. However, water damage is a tough call depending on what kind of leak or action caused it. In short, the better thing to do is to have the boyfriend pay up for the damage he caused.

Can reposession company file a claim with your car insurance company to fix preexisting damage?

If your lien holder repo's your vehicle, they can file a claim against your insurance for damage to the vehicle. The repo company itself would have no claim, because it's not their vehicle.

Your car got hail damage on it last month is to late to file a insurance claim with Travelers insurance?


Does homeowner insurance cover damage to pool liner?

Damage to your pool would be covered under Coverage B (other structures) of your policy. But, whether your liner would be covered depends on what caused the damage. If the damage is from normal wear and tear, then no, the damage would not be covered. Review your policy and determine what caused the damage to see if there is coverage. Also, remember the insurance company will only pay for the damage which exceeds your deductible. If you have a high deductible it may not make sense to report a claim.

Can you take back a claim once you submitted it to the insurance company?

You can take back a claim for damage to your own property. You can't take back a claim where you are liable for damage to another party.

What should you do if your townhome neighbor's water leak damaged your wood floor?

Assuming you have insurance, you should first of all tell your insurance company about the damage. If you have insurance your insurance company should repair the damage for you (at no charge to you) and it is up to them to ask your neighbor to pay for the repairs.However, it is also important that you politely tell your neighbor about the damage (to ensure that the leak that caused it is fixed) and that you are going to ask your insurance to fix the damage.If you have to pay an excess on your insurance policy claim, you can ask your insurance company to recover this from the neighbor for you - if this is not possible to do you will have to pay this excess and may have to pursue your neighbor for it yourself.If you have no insurance, and the damage is definitely caused by your neighbor, you should politely ask him to repair the leak then ask him to pay for the damage to your floor caused by it. You may need some quotes for the work to show your neighbor. If he refuses to pay, your only recourse is to go to court to make him pay. Depending on the scale of the damage this may or may not be worthwhile. It is much easier if you have insurance!

Is it better to have the car insurance pay for damage after an accident or just pay cash?

Whether or not you should make a claim against your insurance depends on the amount of the damage. In this state, if you make a claim against your own collision insurance, your insurance will go up by several hundred dollars a year for three years, so you are talking a thousand dollars. Say you have $200 deductible. Then your break even point is about $1,200. If the other guy caused the accident, make his insurance pay!

Can you claim rat damage on your house insurance?

you can but its not covered so I wouldn't bother

If you report a claim to your insurance company can you cancel it if the damage is not worth fixing?


What happens if your property damage insurance is not enough to cover the claim?

You will be liable for the difference.