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So you are trying to sue your deadbeat ex-boyfriend??? Well, I am a collection attorney in Texas and here is my 2 cents worth to you. First, you need to decide whether you really want to sue or not. A lawsuit will cost you lots of time and money, esp. if you have to pay an attorney. Its no walk in the park. You sound like you want to sue but just keep in mind one thing: Even if you sue and win and get a judgment against your ex--the judgment is just a piece of paper that says you are owed x dollars. So the lawsuit only results in the judgment. It does not result in you actually getting the money in your pocket. After you get the judgment from the lawsuit (assuming you win), you have to COLLECT on the judgment. This is not an easy thing to do, esp. if your ex has no money to pay or hides his assets. Depending on the state you are in, you may be able to garnish his wages if you know where he works or collect on his bank account if you know where his bank is. You may also be able to collect on his assets that are "non-exempt" under the law of the state you live in. Each state has different laws about which assets are collectible and which assets are not. I do not know which state you are in. Collection can be a long, difficult and expensive process, for example, a bank may make you pay their fees for wage garnishment of you ex's account. So unless this fellow has cash or assets, it really may be more trouble than it is worth to sue him and collect against him. That being said, at least you know now never to trust a guy with your money! Good luck to you. Alicia.

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What is the law in Arkansas for evicting a former boyfriend from the girlfriends residence?

You should talk to either an attorney or the prosecuting attorney for your jurisdiction.

Can you apply for parental rights if you do not know where your child is?

You can yes, in the jurisdiction of the child's last known legal residence.

If you married in NJ but reside in Texas for 7 years which state do you file for divorce?

After six months, the state of residence has jurisdiction

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what you are asking is tax fraud. you are not the dependant of your boyfriend. also that has nothing to do with your actual residence.

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If your boyfriend has lived in the place of residence before you moved in then it is up to you to leave, but, if you were living there before him then kick him out and if he won't leave call the police and have him removed. If you both found your residence together and moved in then you have no choice, but to find another place to live.

How can I sue my boyfriend for childsupport if were in two different countries?

You can sue your boyfriend for child support in family court, then file the order in his country of residence through the international court system. Depending on what country he lives in, a court order from the United States may or may not be upheld.

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Laws differ from jurisdiction to jurisdiction; however, generally, Yes, the father may own a weapon; however, if the son lives with the father, the gun must be kept at a different residence. In other words, the gun and the probationer may not reside at the same location.

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You have to go to your local welfare department with the address and name of whoever it is claiming benefits, and tell them that she is claiming benefits with her boyfriend at the residence.

Can a judge from a different county issue a search warrant for a residence in that same county to another county?

Many judges are state and federal judges, so perhaps their jurisdiction is extended beyond the county they are in. If a search warrant is presented to you by the police, you can be certain it has merit just as it stands.

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Too general a question to answer with any specifics. It all depends on the wording of the laws in your state or jurisdiction (e.g.- Was is a business place? Was it a residence? Was the residence occupied, or unoccupied, at the time? Was it during the hours of daylight? Was it during the hours of darkness?)

Can you have two different insurance polices on different addresses for one individual?

Sure. Tell the insurance companies the circumstances. One will be your primary residence and the other is a secondary residence or a rental property or whatever the circumstances.

If probation is broken in a different state of issued and also a different state of residence what type of consequences would he or she be facing?

A violation of probation (VOP) is a VOP no matter where it occurs. You're not 'home free' just because you committed it another jurisdiction. you could be remanded to jail for the unexpired portion of your original sentence, in addition to whatever the the other state does with you.

If you had to wait a year to file for divorce after separation in NY should you be penalized when it concerns jurisdiction if she moved to another State with the kids?

By waiting, and not challenging the move in court, you gave tacit permission for the current residence of the state to gain jurisdiction. See Dads House and related links for help.

Does the state of California have jurisdiction of child custody if the child lives overseas?

The court of jurisdiction is one there the child legally resides. If the child has been kidnapped or otherwise removed from their legal state of residence without permission from the court and legal residency had been established in California, then yes. Otherwise, no.

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The plural form of artist-in-residence is artists-in-residence.

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