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it could be from leaking valve cover gaskets and the oil is running down the side of the engine to the oil pan. make sure it is engine oil and not from the transmission or Power Steering

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Q: How do you find an oil leak that is not in the oil pan?
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What are symptoms of oil pan gasket leak?

Having an oil leak in the same spot under your car is one sign of an oil pan gasket leak. Another is smoke from the engine department.

Does oil pan leak more when its running?

An oil pan doesn't leak unless it is damaged or rotted through. You probably have a gasket or a seal that is leaking and the oil is dripping off the bottom of the oil pan. In that case it would leak more with the engine running.

How do you fix an oil leak on a mdx 2002 that is coming from oil pan?

You may need to reseal the oil pan

How do you i find out if your oil pan has a hole?

Wipe the oil pan clean. Place a white cloth or white paper under the oil pan and start the engine. Let it run for a few minutes and shut down. Look for oil spots on the white surface. This will tell you the general location of the leak.

How to fix oil leak in crack in oil pan without dropping engine?

Just remove the oil pan and repair or replace it.

Where is the 2001 2.7L V6 Sebring oil leak?

Common leak points are oil pressure sensor, oil pan, and timing cover gasket.

Where is the oil leak pin for a 93 mercury How to let the oil drain out to change it?

Drain plug is located on the oil pan. Never heard of a oil leak pin.

How do you change oil pan gasket Honda Odyssey?

need to stop leak on 1995 Honda Odyssey on a oil pan gasket

Why does your 1995 Honda accord have an oil leak after radiator change?

The jacking point was the oil pan?

Can you re-use the original factory oil pan gasket on a 2001 PT cruiser when replacing my oil pan?

You could but it may leak.

Would a car smoke if there was an oil leak?

Depends on where the leak. the intake or the heads yes pan,timming, ect. no.

CR-V Oil Pan gasket?

The CR-V oil pan gasket fits between the pan and engine block. If the gasket fails then oil will leak possibly causing engine failure.

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