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How do you find out if a boy likes you or not?

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2009-09-17 01:38:34

To find out if a boy likes or not may not be the easiest thing

to do, so be confident that you can dothis, i mean what have you

got to lose?


If a boy likes you he will often look at you. If he sees you

look back at him and he smiles, it may be a sign that he likes you.

If he does not not smile and look away fast as if he never did look

at you, he may like you but he will do it more than once if he

does, if not he was most likely just looking at you for a different

reason other them him liking you.

looking test:

If a boy likes you and you think hes staring at you, look fast

at something to see if he follows to see something you looked at,

he was most likely to be staring at you.


If a boy likes you, he will often try to follow you to see ware

you are going or what you are doing [not in a uncomfortable way] .

If he takes the same way home as you or goes to class the same way

you do and stays within a not to close distance, that may be a sign

that hes likes you.

talking to him:

To see if a boy likes you, you should try to talk to him. Talk

about something you like, as in your favorite food, or sport and

see how reacts to it. If he looks nervous or touches his face allot

when you are talking that is a sign of him liking you or maybe just

taking interest in you.

Well try those tricks and if most of them work he may like you.

And if you cant tell by his reactions, just ask him if he likes

you, if does not answer you or says ''no'' like its the end of the

world it means he likes you. And if he says no, its not a big deal,

you can be friends.

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