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How do you find out which companies are for sale under chapter 11 bankruptcy?


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May 27, 2007 11:34PM

Bankruptcy reorganization, Chapter 11, is not anything like being for sale, in any way shape or form. Even Chap 7 - where the Co is dissolved) isn't. (And in that one to buy it all you would essentially ever have to do is pay much more than the assets are worth and be able to pay off - or at least have the creditability to assume payments - on an overburdening amount of liability/debt too). Perhaps you should consider getting a sounder footing on basic business and finance? All Bankruptcy filings are a matter of public record and are even printed in the public notices sections of mjor papers as required. A number of trade/legal papers and journals track and report them - and even anything, incl rumors about them. You sound like someone I would like to discuss a bridge I have for sale with ......