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How do you find the cause of lifter sounds in a Mazda 626?


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2010-02-26 04:07:30
2010-02-26 04:07:30

These are automatic hydraulic lash adjusters--usual problem ticking is a low oil situation or too heavy an oil for the tiny tolerances. I don't believe in a lot of the snake oils out there--but i would change out my oil and save room to add 1/2 quart of Lucas oil treatment. In the old days people would add a cup of solvent or auto transmission fluid and run at idle to cleanse til the tick vanishes--then change the oil and filter.


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These engines are notorious for it. There's no harm in the lifter tick itself. It just sounds bad. The fix permanently, replace the lifters. There's a special tool (find it on eBay for cheap) which makes this an easy job.

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One might find the directions on how to make a cup lifter on sites such as eHow. Another way one might find out how to make a cup lifter would be to look in books at ones local library.

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Ticking lifters in the 86-93 Mazda pickup trucks is very common, the design is just prone to it. Sometimes it is dirt or something clogging one of the small passageways in the rocker arm assembly, sometimes it is low oil pressure, sometimes it is just a bad lifter. Sometimes replacing the lifter will fix the problem other times it won't. It is often recommended to remove the entire rocker arm assembly clean it well, run a needle or wire through the find passageways, replace any damage hydraulic lash adjusters then reinstall. See the attached link for more details. K6

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This is a toughie. First you have to decide which lifter it is then pull the rocker cover and find the rocker arm that has play in it. Then look at the lifter and where the push rod rides should be stuck down further in the lifter bore than the rest. Or press down on the inside and if it goes down over 1/8 inch and is springy the lifter is bad.

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