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How do you find very lost things such as two pairs of car keys that went missing simultaneously - a near miracle - when you have already retraced steps checked all likely spots many unlikely?

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August 13, 2008 12:42AM

Try asking a friend or someone you know if they saw where you might of dropped it. And if you have already looked in many places look again and try looking in the most obvious places. Are you sure they weren't stolen? Have you had anyone in your home recently that you didn't know really well (cable man, electrician, repairman, delivery, etc...). Or, if you have teenage children, could one of their friends have taken them? I'm not trying to offend anyone, but I had a workman unlock one of my bedroom windows when I was not looking - I dodged a bullet on that one by the grace of God! Just seems a bit too much to be a coincidence with two sets of keys to go missing at the same time. Did you check your pockets in your pants that you were wearing that day? If so, did you wash them before you checked them? And if so they might be in the wash somewhere. Did you forget them in your car? Did you check between the seat and the console in your car? I had a set of mine slip out of my pocket at some point and that's where they ended up. == Do you have any young children who would find it amusing to hide your keys?