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Scan your computer for any malware. It seems to me that your computer is infected because your browser starting acting suspicious and the activity continued. What is most likely happening is your system is infected by adware or most likely a virus. Seeing how you can't download any software without an internet connection. So make due with what you have or scan your computer


Two suggestions:

1. Download Firefox at

Scan your computer and remove the viruses if you have.


Firstly there might be the possibility of virus , for that you have to formats your computer completely , But as you written that your internet explorer crashes after reinstalling , So there is no possibility to repair your internet explorer , you can scan your computer , for virus and again reinstall the windows

or download any other browser

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โˆ™ 2009-11-01 13:40:12
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Q: How do you fix Internet Explorer if it crashes and you have already uninstalled and reinstalled Windows but Explorer still keeps crashing?
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