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First you need to find out if your slave cylinder is leaking clutch fliud.check lines to slave cylinder from master clutch cylinder if no leaks most likely master clutch cylinder bad.

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โˆ™ 2008-10-02 19:50:29
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Q: How do you fix Mazda mx 6 clutch sinking to the floor?
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How do you fix a 1981 Mazda 323 clutch?

unbolt tranny from engine clutch is between them

Why is the clutch on your 1998 subaru legacy outback stuck to the floor?

Your clutch cable snapped. It should be an easy fix.

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try, bleeding the clutch. heres the link for how to bleed the clutch I wrote. This process is the same I did it on my 97 GSX.

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clutch basket on 89 Harley

Why is the clutch petal on my 1993 Subaru legacy L stuck to the floor?

your clutch cable located at rear of motor is snapped, bro has one for $50 bucks, bro easy fix

How do you fix a clutch on a 1997 Chevy Cavalier Z24?

the clutch went out on my 97 Chevy cavalier how do i fix it

If i can't reach to push the clutch petal completely down to the floor in my '95 Honda civic ex coupe is there any way to fix that?

A good mechanic should be able to attach an extension block to your clutch pedal. Also have the clutch adjustment checked because you shouldn't need to push it all the way to the floor to shift your vehicle.

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Buy a new clutch

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