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my side door had been opened and closed so much the little button was not going in far enough because of wear on the door and button both. i put about 6 layers of electrical tape over the little dent in the door, and now have no problwem

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2006-10-11 19:04:20
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Q: How do you fix a 1994 Plymouth Voyager if the door ajar light and chime and dome light keep coming on while driving?
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Where is the chime speaker located on a 2000 Plymouth Voyager?

It is inside the body computer.

Where is the warning chime device on a 2000 Plymouth voyager?

The chime is built into the body computer under the dash on the driver side, behind the fuse box.

How do you turn off the dinging bell when driver's door is open on a 1999 Plymouth voyager?

The chime is part of the body computer and can not be removed.The chime is part of the body computer and can not be removed.

How do you deactivate door ajar chime in a Chrysler Voyager 2000?


How do you disable auto locks from 98 Plymouth voyager?

Try turning the key to the on position then back to off 4 times, then press the driver's door lock button. You should hear a chime if it works.

Where is the warning chime on a 98 Plymouth neon?

The warning chime is on the instrument cluster. It needs to be disassembled to get to, and it cannot be disabled because it is tied in to the instrument cluster.

You hunt and want to disarm seat belt chime?

It is unlawful to not wear a seat belt while driving or riding in a car. Wearing the belt turns off the chime. Some vehicles (VW's for instance) will chime for about 3 minutes then the light goes out and the warning signal turns off.

How turn off seat belt chime on 2012 dodge charger?

look under the drivers seat and passenger seat and there should be a wire coming off the seat belt that you can unplug to stop the chime.

Why is the indicator chime for driver door only and constantly on when I'm driving?

Check to make sure that the plug (there normally is a piece of plastic that pushes in the switch to make the chime go off) Go and push the button in by hand with your keys on if it goes off than this is the problem. If the chime does not go off after a few seconds than the problem is that the switch mechanism in the chime is malfunctioning and you need to go and pull the chime and either leave it out or replace it.

Where is the door chime on a 94 Ford Explorer?

On my 94 xlt explorer the chime sound is coming from underneath the dash right above the left side of the hump in the floor. There is a grey plastic plug with several wires coming from it, plugged into a black plastic box. You can feel it vibrate so you know you've found it, very accessible.

Chime will not chime on my clock?

Check the back for kinks

Were is the door chime sensor located on a 1996 Ford Ranger?

The door chime switch on a 96 ranger is part of the door latch mechanism. If your door chimes all the time when your driving try spray lube on the latch that should free it up.

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